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Venita Akpofure Shares How She Lost A Real Estate Deal After She Turned Down Sexual Advances From The Company’s Media Head

Venita Akpofure
BBNaija star Venita Akpofure has shared how she lost a multi-million naira deal from a real estate company after she turned down sexual advances from the media head of the company.

The reality star mentioned that the media head of the company shared that he looks like his ex-wife and was constantly on her case to have an affair with her. She shared that she turned down the affair and eventually lost out of the deal because she wasn’t ready to compromise. The actress mentioned that it hurt but she’s grateful she never blurred the lines for her career.
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Venita Akpofure

Venita mentioned that she chooses to share her story today to encourage the woman in the cooperate world who feels cheated never to give up as her destiny cannot be stolen from her. She encouraged them to turn their hurts into lessons and redirect their energy into finding purpose. The reality star asked them to keep breathing life into their goals.

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