Video: Learn How to Tie Bridal Gele


This post focuses on how you can adopt a simple Do-it-Yourself (DIY) strategy for tying gele for yourself as a bride. Doing it yourself does not in any way mean you are stingy or too economical, moreover, whats wrong in being economical or prudent. Compare the joy it brings to learn how to do stuffs yourself and do it so well like a professional and having to pay someone and the so call professional messes up your entire day by not tying your Gele properly on your D-day. That will be aweful, right?

So we can all now agree that learning how to tie Bridal Gele the Do it Yourself (DIY) way is not such a bad idea after all.

The simple steps below will guide you on how to get that perfect Gele you see others wearing whenever you attend functions. Have fun as you learn.

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