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Video of 21-year-old Chidinma Ojukwu who confessed to killing SuperTV CEO, Usifo Ataga, smoking

Until the Nigerian government start to implement ways for young girls and boys to get the right support they need from the system such as paying school fees and having basic needs, we will continue to see men like these take advantage of young girls who are mostly from poor homes looking for ways to “just survive” in a society that cares less about human life. So many men doing well in Nigeria that are capable of helping girls like theses when they meet them would rather sleep with them first before they can offer any assistance. Lecturers would ask student for sex, Oga at work would ask employee for sex, madam’s husband would ask housekeeper for sex, uncles are asking nieces and cousins for sex…the society is finished. You cannot trust male friends with your daughters.
So many young girls, smoking weed and sometimes drinking are just looking for ways to cope with depression. Some just don’t know any better. Nigeria as a country does not provide any support to the average man on the street meanwhile the government provides benefits to every top official that woks in government even to their families. That’s to tell you that they understand the importance of having basic needs. The govt just don’t care about the common man.
What this young lady has done to herself by “allegedly” killing that man is horrible and she will learn the hard way. I hope young girls out there see this and learn too before it happens to them.

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