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VIDEO: Strange Seen As Wildfire Spotted Burning On Top Of The Sea, Social Media Users React



An unbelievable scene has been spotted at one of the beaches in Nigeria which has aroused shock and reactions from social media users.

Popular Nigerian artist now turned Instagram blogger King Tunde Ednut has taken to his page to share a strange video where a wildfire was seen burning aggressively on top of the sea. The cause and how it happened is not known yet.

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However, there were several people seen watching and recording the incident on their phones as it seems new to most residents who were witnessing the event. In the video, it would be seen that the fire burning on top of the sea kept burning violently and also moving from its current location to another.

Most social media users have attributed the event of the fire to a spiritual force while others have also linked it to the oil floating on the sea which caused the fire outbreak on the sea.

Read some social media comments….

@Seanshun: it’s the sheer helplessness for me , no reliable rescue , just watching helplessly as the fire moves violently and ravages everything in its path, no adequate first responders , no reliable fire service , nothing ! Nigeria !!!!🚶🏾‍♂️

@Nkechiblessing: Dem say some mummy water Dey do Barbecue based on Summer

@Nino_ani: Because it’s density is lighter Dan water so oil floats on water and makes it easier for it to burn out

@Ritty_blem: E be things Marine kingdom on fire


@Comedianwarris: t’s just biochemistry radiation converted below the sea under high pressure to transform the chemical equation .. which inturns sparks up fire to initiate the sea level on the road

@kinky: leaking pipe line….I cant wrap my head around this…underwater pipeline that leads to where bikonu…..our oil been exported.

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. VIDEO: Strange Seen As Wildfire Spotted Burning On Top Of The Sea, Social Media Users React Follow GhGossip.

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