It’s been a while andyou have not seen any post on How to Tie Gele Styles. Anyways before i go into all of that, is it me or can someone tell me, how do we best describe this weather is it raining season/harmattan or none, anyways, a lot of people tell me the weather is just good for them owing to the fact there is has been no light, no water, no fuel and and all the discomforts you can think of. Anyways, they promised us change, and change indeed we are seeing. This one am now talking politics.

Sorry that I digress, today we are posting on how to tie Gele Styles. I just had to do this because am tired of too many people complaining of being disappointed by the lady that was suppose to come and tie their Gele and get them ready for their all-important appointment, it is due to this frsutrations and disappointment many ladies go through that has motivated me to write on this post, I didnt just write, I added a video tutorial to make it easy to follow.

However, the Style the Video seeks to focus on is simply on how to tie Gele using the Long method, the type that looks like shuku when you are done with the tying. Watch the Video below and get inspired, we really Do hope this helps.

Video: How to Tie Gele Styles (Long)

Kindly tell us what you think of this Video, was it helpful in anyway? Were you able to follow the steps on how to tie Gele styles? Your . below please.


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