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Video tutorial on how to dye your natural hair




There are different recipes which can used in dying your African American natural hair color

Usually ladies go to the salon to make a new hairstyle which arguably they can’t do themselves. How many types do we see ladies in salon just to dye their natural hair or change their hair lightening? Nowadays, with a lot of natural hair products available, you can easily change your hair colour yourself and save some money and time.

Before you think of dying your natural hair yourself, there a lot things you need to put into consideration. Many naturalistas have tried bleaching their natural hair themselves but end up damaging it. It’s very important to have the best hair product that suits your hair texture. You need to treat your natural hair like the skin of a new born baby in other to bring out it’s beauty.

Direction on how to dye your natural hair without damaging it

Beauty Vlogger Ronke Raji shows us how she change her natural hair color. In this video tutorial, she used ”Dark and Lovely”’ go intense in golden brown, Foil Paper, Towel and a Comb.

Watch the the video below:

Via: Ronkeraji

Dying your Natural hair with Natural products

Not everyone can use chemically made hair products to dye their hair, hence a necessity to use natural hair dye. Henna is one of the most popular natural alternative when it comes to dying your hair colour. Henna is also said to provide a deep conditioning treatment. Some say it “loosens up the curl.”

Henna can be bought at Asian or African ethnic market and can easily be ordered online as well. if you’re ordering Henna online, be cautious of the vendor just like buying anything you want to use on your body. Henna will usually come in power form, then you will have to make it into paste before applying it to your hair. The amount of Henna you need will depend on the length of your hair…

 henna hair dye

To prepare Henna for your hair dye, you will need the following:

  • mixing bowl
  • plastic wrap
  • spoon/spatula
  • water
  • lemon or lime juice
  • package of henna
  • a shower cap

Direction to prepare Henna for hair dye: 

  1. Mix henna, 1 cup water and lemon/lime juice into a thick paste, like toothpaste or cake frosting. The citrus activates the natural dye.
  2. Cover mixture with plastic wrap and let sit until you see a physical difference in the color (overnight, to be safe — maybe 24 hours). It may change from a greenish to a browner color.
  3. Next day, on damp, freshly washed/detangled hair, apply henna to hair. It helps if you section off the hair. Smooth it, don’t comb it, through the hair. Like, dare I say, applying a relaxer…
  4. Put a shower cap tightly around your hair (if your ‘fro is larger, plastic wrap may be necessary as well). Leave on for 4 hours.
  5. Rinse out. This may take a while, since henna is thick and weighs the hair down. There’s potential for a mess! Take your time—maybe just let the water run over your hair first, then methodically rinse it out.

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