VIDEO: Woman Married Her Dog In Exquisite Wedding Ceremony

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woman marries dog
VIDEO: Woman Married Her ‘Dog’ In Exquisite Wedding Ceremony

VIDEO: Woman Married Her Dog In Exquisite Wedding Ceremony

A woman has married her dog in a colorful wedding ceremony as per a video sighted by Lifestyle.ng.

According to the details gathered by occupygh, the woman settled with her dog after 221 failed dates.

The woman, an American – Elizabeth Hoad was on This Morning shows to flaunt her newly married husband The Dog.

Elizabeth Hoad had earlier spoke of her plans to marry her pet Golden Retriever Logan – but watching the light-hearted ceremony unfold was a bit too much for some watchers at home.

Elizabeth Hoad revealed that she had 220 dates and 4 failed engagement buts she found comfort dating her dog whose name she said is Logan.

Their wedding which happened in 2020 was broadcasted on Live TV and according to her, her dog saved her in countless ways.

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