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Want Coloured Hair? Be Sure To Do The Following First – ZUMI

coloured hair

Coloured natural hair is very much in vogue now, and girls are not stopping at wearing the ‘predictable’ colours alone like before. Oh, no! Girls are bringing the drama with bold coloured hair, and we stan a queen with dramatic hair colour.

Changing the colour of one’s hair is a daring move, no matter what colour you decide to go for. The same way you prepare yourself mentally to go through with the process, you also have to prepare your hair for the task ahead.

It is not enough for you to just pick up a hair dye and go have the process done. Take a look at the following things you are advised to do first before getting your hair coloured.

  1. Consider the health of your hair

    (Photo: Moment with Chelsea)

If your hair is limp, dry, shedding, or flaking, girlfriend, put down that box of hair dye! The process of dying the hair is a very excruciating process for the hair, and it requires intense treatment before and after for the hair to recover. If your hair is not healthy at the time, then you really aren’t ready, boo.

For about two months before a dye job is one, deep condition your hair intensively, as deep conditioning helps restore the hair’s moisture and nutrients, and your hair will be needing all the moisture and nutrients it can get.

Repair your hair strands by doing a protein treatment at least once a month, while using a clarifying shampoo to prevent any product buildup.

Ensure that you trim your split ends as well. The whole point of this is to make sure that your hair’s health is at 100%.

2. Picking the right colour

Naturally, you’ll want to consider your skin tone while choosing a colour, but there is more to picking the right colour. It is not advisable to go more than three shades darker or lighter than your natural hair. Anything more and your hair could very well be on its way to the ER. This is because anything more is bleaching, that is, stripping the hair of the pigment responsible for its colour. This process places a lot of stress on the strands, so it advisable that you avoid it. So, take baby steps in your colouring process.

A rule of thumb to consider is that going shades darker deposits colour on your hair, which is less damaging, while going shades lighter requires stripping your hair of colour, and is ultimately more damaging. Think about that.

3. Selecting the perfect product

(Photo: BRITS Hair and Beauty)

Not just any hair dye will do. You can’t just select any product to use on your hair! You have to read product labels and confirm that there is no ammonia or any other harsh chemical. You might be hard pressed to find one, but you can. We recommend Creme of Nature and Sheamoisture as they have ingredients that are milder on the strands.

4. Book an appointment with a professional

(Photo: Free Pix)

Whatever you do, don’t do your dye job by yourself, and don’t let a half baked stylist come close to your hair with a bottle of dye. Find a professional that has experience with dyeing natural hair, and book an appointment with them.

5. Buy Hair Products!

(Photo: bglh Marketplace)

If you thought maintaining your natural hair is expensive, maintaining coloured natural hair is even more so. You will need to get hair products that are specific for taking care of coloured hair. Throw in a good leave-in-moisturizer, deep conditioning moisture masque, and a mix of essential oils, and you’re good to go.

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