I can’t comprehend the feelings that mothers to be have when they are expecting their carbon copy. You can always see it on their faces; some might even plan the baby’s financial budget, baby showers, how the ceremonies will be like, how she will look and how she would like to go gaga when growing a bump.


Most mothers want to look good during and after pregnancy but they find it hard because they always feel tired, their body looks different and their wardrobe is not looking the same as it was. It is tougher for beginners you know, as you would not feel confident in your appearance. You want to look chic in maternity, try this:

  • Go for lycra materials, they are stretchy fabrics that would be comfortable. Show some shape in stretchy materials as it would not chock or inconvenience you.
  • Stay with what you like, you don’t need to do away with those outfits you love. Search for your best outfits in your closet that could go with your current shape and adjust them to your new life.
  • Wear comfortable outfits, when it comes to maternity styles comfort is the key. Wearing comfortable clothes and bra would increase your confidence and enlighten your mood thus, you always look happy and comfortable.
  • Wear varieties of ensemble; don’t limit yourself to a particular clothing. You might be creating a style for yourself and giving inspiration to other mothers to be.
  • Show some legs, that you are pregnant doesn’t mean you are old or prohibited from wearing those cute shorts. Wear them and be stylish in maternity.

Maternity should be fun with this simple tips.