What is s*x fasting? It is a process where married couples avoid having s*x for a period of time on purpose. If you have s*x after a prolonged period of time, it ignites the dormant passion and helps couples explore each other’s bodies with renewed vigour.

It works on the theory that rather than doing it out of compulsion, couples should abstain from s*x. this will result in a healthier mind, body and rejuvenated s*x life. However, this therapy can only be worthwhile if both the partners are on the same page and both of them mutually want to work on their relationship. s*x is a natural need of the body. If one partner is not game he/she might end up trying to satisfy through other means. If that happens, it will defeat the purpose of this therapy. There’s the need to have basic understanding amongst the couple to . this game of building up the s*xual attraction.