Pedicures look lovely especially after you have just had it done but as time goes by, your feet tends to look ordinary again. You would say no pedicure will last forever, that is certainly correct. But there are a few things you can do to prevent the premature end of your pedicure, as normally, an average pedicure should last longer than the average manicure.

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So here are some tips that would your pedicure last longer till your next visit to the salon.

Use cuticle oil

Cuticle oil or cream is not just for the cuticles on your fingers, apply  it regularly to your nails, even when they are  painted. Use it at the very bottom of your nails where the new nail is growing through and it will make re-growth of cuticles slower and keep your cuticles healthy and less prone to cracks or irritation.


Reapply Your  Topcoat

All topcoats wear off on time, so reapplying it a day or two after you get your pedicure would help prevent chipping and  keep your polish looking fresh and shiny, like you just got it done. Colour on your big toe often chips or grows out quicker than the others so you can freshen up your pedi just by taking off the old polish from your big toe and reapplying colour and top-coat, this will also give them a renewed shine.

Toe nails

Cover Your Toes

Exposing your toes to heat, sand, dirt, contributes to your polish wearing away long before its time. So wearing socks whenever possible will help you to protect your feet from gathering dust and dirt from the environment, ensuring that the smoothness you got from your pedicure lasts longer.

covered feet

Moisturize Your Feet

Just as keeping your hands moisturized helps a manicure last longer, keeping your feet in tip-top, well-moisturized shape between pedicures will enable your polish to last longer, and your feet will look better, too. It’s especially important to moisturize your feet and toes after a shower, as water dries out the skin and the area around the nail, which can cause chipping.

mosturized feet

Avoid Too Much Heat

Nail polish takes about twelve hours to harden. Too much heat can actually melt your polish. So about eight to twelve hours after you get your pedicure, keep your feet free so that you don’t risk smudging your polish. Remember your nails may be dry, but they don’t really harden for almost twelve hours.

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Avoid Dipping Your Toes In Water

Heading for the pool immediately after having your pedicure done or dipping your toes in the pool might make the lifespan of your pedicure much shorter, because chlorine can cause your polish to crack. So if you are really passionate about keeping your polish fresh, spend more time  at the poolside instead of taking a dip.

Woman's feet in swimming pool


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