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It’s that season of the year when the weather gives you chills, leaving you addicted to thick clothing. It’s that season of the year when common cold becomes the order of the day if you aren’t quick enough to prevent it from coming to you. It’s the rainy season, the time of the year when an alteration has to be done to the way you would dress on a regular day.

Fashion works with seasons and as such, it is necessary for one to know how to dress right for any season. Although dressing for rainy season can be a bit challenging especially in Nigeria where summer clothing stays in fashion for a longer period of time, there are some tips, of which this article aims to teach you, on how to dress during rainy season with the right wardrobe essentials.

Just because some persons do not want the rain to drench, or mud to stain, their expensive dresses, they opt for worn-out clothing whenever it rains. Is this the best option? Of course not! Wouldn’t it be much preferable to know instead how to dress right during rainy season? This means that you can still wear your nice, expensive dresses, if you want, and still get yourself covered.

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While not forgetting your umbrella, you can opt for any of these wardrobe essentials for rainy

1. Rain Jacket

Rain jackets, like umbrellas, help prevent you from getting
drenched in the rain. Some are also designed to keep you warm. That’s not all.
Have you ever walked in the rain and suddenly a car splashed dirty water on you?
If yes, you probably must have tried so hard to restrain yourself from cussing
(if you hadn’t already done so). A rain jacket prevents you from experiencing
such scenario. While the umbrella’s duty stops at covering you from the rain,
the rain jacket offers your body and clothes protection against mud and
splattered water.  They are usually in different
designs and colors and some even come with hoods.

2. Wear rubber shoes
or any other waterproof footwear

Avoid wearing leather shoes when it rains as it affects the
longevity of the shoe. Do not opt for sport shoes too as they take a lot of time
to get dry when wet and as such, end up smelling or even breeding bacteria.
Avoid shoes that can easily make you trip and fall. The best footwear for rainy
season is rubber or any other water-repellant footwear which will not be affected
by the rain or smell when wet. Rubber shoes can be worn anywhere. Yes! They can
be worn to work too so invest in them now.

3. Opt for other colors instead of white

White can easily get stained, hence, you should refrain from wearing them during rainy season. Add color to your choice of clothing. You can wear something bright on a rainy day or go for dark colors. Bad weather can be depressing, so why not go out of your way to wear something non-depressing and at the same time beautiful?

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4. Wear long trousers to prevent insect bites and shorts to avoid getting wet

If you live in a place where puddles are usually concomitant
with rainfall, then you should always wear long trousers, long skirts or long
gowns. Remember, mosquito thrives in areas with stagnant water and you need to
protect yourself from their bites. If you are heading out and do not want to risk
getting wet or stained should you inadvertently get into a puddle, then wear

5. Wear sweaters/cardigans or sweatshirts when cold

Sweaters help in keeping you warm. They can be worn with a shirt underneath which has the advantage of allowing the wearer to have the option of removing the sweater when it is uncomfortably warm and still looking presentable in many situations. If a sweater isn’t available, then sweatshirt is the next best option. They are very fashionable and can be worn comfortably with or without a shirt underneath.

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6. Get a tote bag

Tote bags can be nylon or something else. It doesn’t have to
fully water-resistant, but it should be able to hold all your miscellaneous
necessities and even your main handbag. That way, when the rain stops, and you
want to pull out your bag, you have nothing to worry about.


For the ladies, a shower cap can always come in handy to prevent your hair from getting all soggy and smelly just in case the rain meets you unexpectedly and you didn’t step out with an umbrella. Speaking of umbrellas, you shouldn’t lack them this rainy season, you know.


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