There’s been an ongoing trend where unmarried women steal the sperm of man (men) they’ve slept with and freeze it. Just in case they need it when they are ready to have kids, but can’t seem to find a good partner.

I thought this was a joke until a woman I recently counseled told me she tried to do it, but got caught.

I have noticed, both young men and women aren’t interested in marriage as they once were. Instead, they prefer staying bf/g. Some women have embraced their careers and ignored the idea of marriage. Could it be because divorce rates continue to rise? Or times have changed?

Let me explain how it is stolen:

After se x, they use a turkey baster to take the sperm from the condom, put it in a container and store it in the freezer at their home.

Whenever they are ready to have children, they just take the sperm and insert it into their womanliness or else they will see their doctors and inseminate them and get pregnant. I don’t know if the method works, but I am just hearing that lots of women are now doing it.

This is a turkey baster:

For those of you asking how this can happen without the man knowing:

The woman takes the condom after se x and pulls the sperm out with the turkey baster. This is happening and has been happening for quite some times.

My advice to men is: make sure you dispose your condom by yourself, otherwise you are in trouble.

Anyways, my questions here are for men:

Would it really bother you if a woman steals your sperm? later getting into responsibilities you never wished for.