Watch The Teaser Of Sharon Jatto’s Short Film Oiza’s Nexus’ On Domestic Violence

Watch the movie by Toyosi Ige’s aptly depiction of both domestic and sexual abuse in his latest short film Oiza’s Nexus, that features TV series star Sharon Jatto of Shuga. Sharon Jatto on Oiza's Nexus'

The story was written by Toyosi Ige who doubled director and producer, ‘Oiza’s Nexus’, which follows the story of a teenager who was a victim of both dreadful forms of domestic and sexual abuse.

Oiza, a promising student flees from her abusive father, unfortunately into the arms of a sexual predator.

‘Oiza’s Nexus’ stars Sharon Jatto, Femi Adekanye, Adebayo Badeji, Mercy Ajayi and Taiwo Hassan Hassan.

The forthcoming film is set to debut on YouTube in March.

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Watch the trailer:

Photo Credit: Getty


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