Am sure you were wondering when I was going to bring you a holiday makeup tutorial well, there’s no need to wait anymore because @thatigbochic, Chidinma Umeh has definitely got something for us. In this video she creates a holiday makeup look that is simple and gorgeous.


You can see from the colors of the makeover that it borders around the holiday colors which is red and green but what makes this holiday makeup tutorial amazing is the fact that the look isn’t overboard, there is an earthly tone in its entirety.

Here is what you’ll need to be able to achieve this look:

  • Primer
  • Earthly toned eye-shadow


  • NYX Jumbo pencil: golden pencil
  • Application brush/foam
  • Shading brush
  • Sparkly earthly stoned eye-shadow/ color pop eye-shadow with gold shimmer,Brown and Black Shadow.
  • Gel Eyeliner/ Liquid Liner
  • Dark brown pencil
  • Mascara.
  • Mattfing primer
  • Foundation
  • Color correct
  • Setting powder
  • Finish Powder.
  • Eye lashes
  • Dark Green Pencil, Dark Wine Pencil
  • Bronzer
  • Orange Blush


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