WATCH VIDEO: Lady In D-Black’s Viral S3x Tape Finally Breaks Silence On How The Video Leaked

WATCH VIDEO: Lady In D-Black’s Viral S3x Tape Finally Breaks Silence On How The Video Leaked

Adrienne Nicole, Emmy-nominated TV producer who was captured in the leaked sex tape of Desmond Blackmore, a popular Ghanaian artist known as D-Black, has finally released a statement explaining how their sex tape got leaked.
The bedroom tape of D-Black and his ex-girlfriend Adrienne Nicole, when leaked online got social media buzzing as they became number one trending on all social media platforms.

It came as surprise to his fans and social media users as they did not understand how the video got leaked.

To clear the air, the lady involved in the sex scandal has released a statement, explaining how the video got released into the public domain.

According to her, she is not behind the disclosure of her privacy she would not want her private life with her ex-boyfriend D-Black to hit the public domain. She attributed the happenings to the fact that her phone got missing and the theft kept blackmailing her that he would release all her nudity to the public.

She added that she has not been able to identify the person who is in possession of the stolen phone but has made some reports to the cybercrime unit and the police headquarters for investigation because she couldn’t bear the pressure from the blackmailer.

She stated:

“I have no idea how to handle this. This feels like a crazy dream. I can not believe someone would do this to me and my Ex. There are hundreds of pictures and videos of him and I, on that phone and I don’t know what to do if more are released. Those were private moments and memories. We broke up and were taking a break but I never have seen anything like this happening! This was a personal part of my life never meant to be shared with the World and I am still processing what’s happening to me right now”