Watch video showing moment Mrs Obiano left her seat to confront Bianca…looks like Bianca was the first to give the slap

This bianca self, no body force you to marry an old man, he was not enough for you ,you started dating Femi while ur horse was still alive, a man that we all igbos took as a father, from there to obi,to oga jona, to husband of osodeme, that slapped you today. Why do you like distroying homes? U are from a respected family behaving like a street. Even a street girl when you give her comfort she will pack well. All this men go do finish come out like they no dey shit

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U will never get married. Even if you have married, your husband won’t reach late Ojukwu s age before he married Bianca. Idiot!

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UNBELIEVABLE Married woman caught with another man by in-laws