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Watch ‘Where’s The Condom’, Eva Alordiah’s Sex Positive Short Film – ZUMI

When she’s not rapping, Eva Alordiah uses her platform to start conversations on sex positivity, and has constantly encouraged women to learn more about their vaginas.

Taking the conversation to the next level, Eva Alordiah created a thoughtful short film, Where Is The Condom, where she challenges the stigma surrounding sexual health checkups. Written by and starring Eva, the short film follows a young couple, Elohor and Ade, who have passionate sex after returning from a fun outing.

Watch 'Where's The Condom', Eva Alordiah's Sex Positive Short Film  ZUMI

(Photo: YouTube/Eva Alordiah)

Unfortunately, things get awkward when the condom disappears right after they finish having sex. Worried about this, Elohor demands that they get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, despite Ade insisting he is clean. At the end, he agrees to the tests and the results thankfully come out negative.

In less than ten minutes, Eva manages to pass an important message across about the importance of keeping safe sexual habits and also destigmatizing STI testing.

Watch the thought-provoking short film, right here:









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