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We Are The Reason We Are Insulted Abroad – Bishop Zuga tells Nigerians

Bishop Sam Zuga of House of Joy Ministry has stated that Nigerians are the main reason we are insulted by foreigners.

The clergyman made this known while expressing sadness at the horrible conditions Nigerians find themselves in foreign countries especially in Dubai.

Bishop Zuga also called on Nigerians living abroad, especially the unemployed ones, to come back home and develop the country.

He said, “What made Dubai what it is today is not angel. It is human being like me. They have nose, have mouth, have eyes and have two legs only. There’s nothing so special about the person that developed Dubai. I want to take you back to Nigeria, so you can create another Nigeria inside Nigeria.

“Let me also add this, what we are passing through, we are the cause of it.

“Insults we are receiving from the outside world, we are the cause of it. The sufferings of many Nigerians in Dubai are caused by Nigerians too.
“I want to tell you categorically that Nigerians are the only problem of Nigeria. And its only Nigerians that would change Nigeria.

“I want us to go back home and start. We need to something in Nigeria that would make everyone abroad to run back home.

“We can’t be moving like orphans. We have a fertile land. We have money, we have everything.


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