How to Wear Sweatshirts for Guys – Fashion Advice & Trend Tips

Sweatshirts have become a staple in menswear over the last few years, and there’s a few reasons why: sweatshirts offer a versatility that most pieces don’t, and they’re damn comfortable. As their popularity has grown so has the variety within the field. We’re seeing a lot of different looks with different types of sweatshirts, and that’s what I’m talking about today; learning how to wear sweatshirts for guys.

Traditionally, you would see a sweatshirt thrown on over a plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers and that would be an acceptable practice and probably the only way you would see a sweatshirt worn. While that is still an acceptable practice in my eyes, there are a lot of different ways to take things now. A sweatshirt will always be seen as a layering piece and we now have more options and ways to layer; something we’ll go over.

The key to knowing how to wear sweatshirts is finding the style that best suits you. Some guys aren’t necessarily going to be into certain layering looks, and some aren’t going to be into wearing a sweatshirt over a dress shirt. To each their own, I say. Find the right style and right fit for you and make it your own. With all of that in mind, here are my tips on how to style sweatshirts.

How to Wear Sweatshirts for Men – Confidence is The Key

1. The Kanye

How to Wear Sweatshirts for Guys – Fashion Advice & Trend Tips
How to Wear Sweatshirts for Guys – Fashion Advice & Trend Tips
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One of the prevailing trends in the fashion and street style worlds is layering while playing with proportions. This look specifically goes something along the lines of this: a regular fitting sweatshirt, a longer t-shirt underneath, and a pair of very slim pants paired with either a pair of boots or a technical sneaker. Kanye has been doing this for a while and it’s something that’s been picked up enthusiastically by his followers.

You could probably call it a modern take on the look I described earlier; something comfortable and stylish to wear out of the house. It’s a look that certainly lends itself a little better to the fashion types, but something that can be achieved by anyone.

There are a lot of labels out there (including some sold here) that are going to help you achieve this look. Be sure to take into account what your body type is before making any purchases because loose on some may be slim on others, depending on the make. Two pieces like this will get the layered look that Kanye pulls off so well as well as offer you the comfort that you’re looking for.

As I said, this isn’t a look that’s going to work for everyone, but for those looking to step out, it’s definitely worth your while.

2. Buttoned-Up

How to Wear Sweatshirts for Guys – Fashion Advice & Trend Tips
How to Wear Sweatshirts for Guys – Fashion Advice & Trend Tips
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Alternatively, there are options for how to wear sweatshirts in dressier ways. Being able to pull this look off depends on the fit and the fabric. If you’re going to throw a sweatshirt on over a shirt with a collar, you’re going to want it to fit slimmer than your typical sweatshirt. I also believe that something in an elevated fabric, like wool or cashmere, also lends itself to dressier settings.

Keep these in mind if you’re planning on wearing your sweatshirt over a dress shirt:

  • You want the sweatshirt to be a part of the outfit, not stand out amongst the other pieces. Pick something in a subtle colour and pattern to compliment your look;
  • A quality sweatshirt can actually be quite versatile as well- it will look excellent over a flannel with your favourite chinos, under a sport jacket, and again, with a pair of denim and a great pair of sneakers;
  • Avoid any conspicuous labeling; you want this to compliment your outfit not bludgeon people with a label or picture of a tiger

With the rise in popularity of sweatshirts, a lot of labels have taken to making higher end models with elevated fabrics. While they may cost a little extra the quality, comfort, and fit that is often associated with higher-end labels will be realized through the extra money spent. If you think this look is for be sure to find something that fits correctly and feels luxurious.

3. Straight-Up

How to Wear Sweatshirts for Guys – Fashion Advice & Trend Tips
How to Wear Sweatshirts for Guys – Fashion Advice & Trend Tips
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I’ve now mentioned all the different ways to do this without actually referencing the look we spoke about initially. While I did say that there are a lot of different ways to do things now, sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to operate. Often times, all we want is to wear things that are comfortable, reliable, and look good. If you simply want to wear a sweatshirt over a t-shirt with your favourite denim and sneakers that’s okay, just make sure you’re doing it right.

Doing it right means getting the fit on point. It also opens up a few more options in terms of colours and designs. If you’re going to wear a sweatshirt in the simplest way possible don’t be afraid to ham it up a bit and wear something a little bolder. Take, for instance, a number of the labels on this site. You have your milder options as well as a few that are playful and a little bolder. It’s a whimsical take on the sweatshirt and something that will work for people who are looking to keep things basic but a touch elevated.

I hope that these tips and tricks on how to wear sweatshirts will be helpful for you going forward. What I love about sweatshirts is that they’re blank canvases and can work in a number of ways with almost anything you own. The idea of a blank canvas can be intimidating as well,  as sometimes it doesn’t always offer the direction you hope a garment might.

To that we say what a lot of these looks require to pull off is confidence. You can dress like Kanye if you want to, you just have to feel good and exude that attitude (well, maybe take it down a notch from Kanye’s; he can be a bit much)


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