Werey Dey Disguise, The Culture Vulture Has Spoken, N6 Reacts To Beyonce’s Post On EndSARS Protest

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Nigerian media personality, N6 has reacted to the show of support from singer, Beyoncé after the Lekki Toll Gate massacre in Lagos and in other states in Nigeria.


Writing on his Insta story, he stated that the singer is tone deaf to the damning reality in ground and that her decision to send food and care packages was irrelevant, as people were not hungry, just seeking to live.

He also referred to her as a culture vulture and witch who only feeds off the African narrative when it suits her and her music.

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“Werey Dey Disguise. Start Statement with “I” End am with “Our” A totally tone deaf message to the Realities on Ground. Who you Dey send Emergency Healthcare, Food and Shelter-? Dem tell you say we dey Hungry for here. Oya make i go Ask all the people wey Injure ystd which of them Received Beyoncés Care Package?

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“Just dey Cap anyhow; make Americans and who no get Sense Dey Hail you and buy your OverPriced Chinese KnockOff Ivy Leggings. CANCELLED IN NIGERIA FOREVER. Werey!

In another post, N6 wrote, “This Culture Vulture finally spoke up but only after
-she saw Blood-This woman is truly a-Witch—I’m done with this Beyoncé  RipOff. Anyways what did I expect from a Woman who sat back and watched her sister Pummel her Husband next to her in an Elevator and she stood still like a Fvcking Mannequin.”

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