Maintaining your s*xual health is an important part of aging. . keeping yourself healthy, confronting problems calmly and talking openly with your partner, you can improve your chances of having a long healthy s*x life.

1 Talk Openly With Your Partner

Good s*x always relies on open communication with your partner. As both of you age, things will change. These changes will require patience, understanding, and experimentation. Emotions can greatly impact s*xual health. . maintaining good communication and intimacy, you and your partner will be able to adapt to changes as necessary.

2 Manage Your Health Conditions

Health conditions like high blood pressure and chronic pain can make a healthy s*x life difficult. . aggressively managing any health conditions, you can greatly reduce their impact on your s*x life. A good approach is to follow your doctor’s advice and make lifestyle changes.

3 Talk To Your Doctor

Your doctor cannot help you with your s*xual concerns unless you mention them. Some s*xual problems are actually medication side effects, which can be handled . adjusting medications that you are already taking or changing the time of day that you take medications. Many medications also directly treat s*xual problems.

4 Experiment With Positions and Times

Sometimes changing the time of day or the position used in s*x can relieve s*xual problems. If a health condition is interfering with your s*x life, you may notice that your symptoms are better at a certain time of day. Try having s*x then. Varying the s*xual positions that you use can help too, especially if the pain from arthritis or other condition interferes with s*x.

5 Expand Your Concept of s*x

Men tend to think of s*x in terms of orgasms, but there can be a lot more to s*x. As you age, you will need more time and physical contact to become aroused. Hugging, kissing and other forms of contact are essential parts of your s*x life. If you find yourself living alone, self service can be part of a normal, healthy s*x life.

6 Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Both alcohol and smoking can hinder a man’s ability to achieve an erection. These two substances alter the blood flow in your body and can limit the amount of blood that enters the man-hood. This can lead to the inability to have an erection, difficulty maintaining an erection or an erection that is softer than normal. If you are having s*xual difficulties, consider abstaining from smoking and alcohol.

7 Expect Difficulties

As you age, you will experience certain changes in your s*xual function. When these changes occur, don’t panic. Rather, think of them as problems to be solved. If you react emotionally to these problems, you can make them worse. . expecting some degree of s*xual change as you age, you can react calmly and troubleshoot your situation.

8 Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

Being overweight puts a strain on your body that can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions, all of which can interfere with a normal s*x life. . eating healthy foods and losing excess weight you can prevent s*xual problems.

9 Stay Sexually Active

If you have a long period of time in your life when you are sexually inactive, it will be more difficult to become sexually active later. Not only can frequent s*x improve your s*xual performance, it can actually even help you live longer.

10 Safe s*x

As more older people continue to have an active s*x life, the issue of safe s*x arises. All sexually active people must take this matter very seriously. STDs and HIV are on the rise in older adults. You cannot assume that having s*x is risk-free just because you and your partner are older. In fact, as the age of your s*xual partner increases, his or her s*xual history is longer, too. Always practice safe s*x.

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