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What are the necessary short-term malice in a new relationship?



What are the necessary short-term malice in a new relationship?

The first fight in a relationship happens once the honeymoon period starts to wear off and they it can be quite a painful experience. Both you and your partner are so emotionally connected and the first fight brings in loads of tears and longing.

It is the first time when the bubble of those high expectations you had from your partner begins to burst. The first argument in a relationship followed by the first fight is always emotionally challenging. Especially since the relationship is still new and your partner and you are still working on your foundation. But arguments are healthy.

But there’s nothing like the realization after your first fight in a relationship. You both will realize how much you both love each other and it will be the first time you both will learn to think about each other when things turn sour.

When do couples have their first fight? If it happens before the 5th date then it can be a bit alarming but a fight is kind of inevitable if you are dating for say around three months.

It can never be all roses in a relationship. A couple will ultimately disagree and it will indeed lead to that first argument in a relationship that you may not have been prepared for. But know that arguments will happen, sometimes giving way to fights. But think of it this way that the first fight in a relationship determines how strong your foundation is. Confused? Let us shed some light on the same.

After your first fight with your boyfriend he might hand you a box of chocolates to cool you down and you might forget why you were fighting in the first place. It’s all about how you choose to come together after it. Surviving the first fight in a relationship is all about priorities, compromise and forgiveness in a relationship.

Fighting in the early stages of your relationship can actually make your bond even stronger although the first fight while dating might not be very pleasant. It may not seem like it and you might actually be on the edge of your seat wondering if this relationship is even going to happen. But your first fight with girlfriend does not determine your lack of love for each other.

It is important to talk to your partner to work things out and arrive at a decent conclusion. Keep your relationship the priority while solving a fight and understand your partner’s needs well. Moreover, the sex after your first fight while dating will surely be mind blowing.

Hate the fight, not the person. Resolve conflicts as quickly as you can. While all this is good advice, it is imperative to say that the first fight in a relationship does change its dynamics a little bit. So, how does a relationship change after the first fight? Let’s find out.

1. You learn to compromise from your first fight while dating
The first big fight in your relationship teaches you a lot more than you thought you would. When you both are enjoying your honeymoon period, the adrenaline rush and all those butterflies in your stomach don’t let you think about the things that can go wrong in the relationship. ‘Our first fight’ is something you do not even see coming.

All you both think about is how much in love you both are. But when the first fight in a relationship kicks in, you learn to think about each other’s feelings and get to know how your partner reacts in tough situations. It shows you a new side of them and maybe you even learn of a new side about yourself.

You learn to put your partner’s needs above yours and learn one of the most important lessons of a relationship which is compromise. But there are things you do compromise and there are things you don’t compromise no matter how many fights you have. You learn this on the way too.

first fight compromise
Learn to compromise in a relationship
2. You overcome your fears
When you are in a new relationship, there is always the fear of the future. Your head is filled with questions related to whether your partner will be able to handle your temper or whether he will be able to handle you when you both start fighting.

You keep on wondering if you are in a relationship with the right person. Compatibility is a huge factor in a relationship. When your first fight takes place, you observe how your partner handles the situations and more importantly, handles you as well. All your fears related to whether your partner will be able to take care of you when things don’t go well, will slowly start to vanish.

When we asked Lorraine about the first fight she had with her boyfriend Ben, she told us – “6 month relationship no fights, I thought we were doing really great. But after our first fight I realized that there is so much we still need to learn about each other! It brought out a different dimension of our feelings and how to deal with the same.”

3. You learn to respect each other’s boundaries
In a new relationship, you both are still in the process of getting to know each other. Many a time you may overstep and cross your partner’s boundaries and forget about the healthy relationship boundaries that you must maintain. What you may have thought to be a joke may have been an insult for your partner and this can lead to an “Oh no! We had our first fight” situation very quickly.

You unintentionally hurt or offended your partner and now don’t know what to do. When fights like these take place, you learn more your partner’s boundaries, what makes them aggravated and start respecting those things more. It is important to talk to your partner regarding what they consider okay and what they consider rude to make better decisions in the future.

4. Your foundation gets stronger after your first argument in a relationship
Your first fight is also the test of your foundation. You learn to survive the first big argument together. Through your first fight, you get to know how strong your relationship is. When do fights start in a relationship? There’s no clear answer to that. Perhaps after your doe-eyed period is over where all you do is feel infatuated with the other person. But once that has passed, you start thinking about deeper things.

It is through such fights that you get to know your partner at a more concrete and more emotional level. You both talk to each other emotionally and connect with each other through the pain. The first fight makes you both emotionally stronger and you get to understand each other better. Your foundation gets stronger as you start understanding and uncovering newer layers of one other.

5. You get to know each other
The first few months of the relationship are about love and impressing and wooing your partner. At this point, maybe you still don’t feel comfortable enough to reveal the “real you” in front of your partner. But things change after your first fight with girlfriend.

The first fight unveils the real you and you get to know whether your partner likes this version of you. During the first fight, you get to understand so many things about your partner. So if you are arguing early in a relationship, do not fret! This is in fact a massive excuse to get to know each other much better.

You learn the things that hurt your partner, how your partner feels about you and the relationship and also get to know what fears your partner has. This helps you to understand your partner’s feelings which will only do you better in the future.

6. You grow together
“After we had our first fight, I immediately felt so mature and grown up in a relationship. Before that, I felt like we were just two love-struck teens going on adventures. But the first argument in a relationship really teaches you that there is so much more to being together when you are with somebody in a serious relationship“, said Amelia when we asked her what she learnt after her first big fight with Michael.

Your first fight teaches you to think about each other first and keep your relationship above all. You realize that this is no more about two individuals but about the “us” factor. This is the growth and maturity that Amelia referred to.

You both realize the importance of us. This makes the two of you work on your relationship together as a couple and you both grow together and come out stronger.Through your differences and arguments you build on intellectual intimacy. That tells you how much strong, vulnerable and supportive you are to each other in the relationship.

What Can You Do After The First Fight?
The first fight while dating is always the most memorable one. It is the fight that sets the foundation for all other fights to come. If you don’t handle this well, this fight will also be used as a reference when things turn sour between your partner and you.

It is important to communicate with your partner when you have your first fight rather than having ego clashes. Even if you are arguing early in a relationship, these ego clashes will just make things worse and weaken the foundation of your relationship. So, what to do after the first fight with your boyfriend?

1. Don’t wait too long to make up
make up after first fight
Make up soon after a fight
How long should a fight last in a relationship? Especially if you are fighting in the early stages of a relationship, the answer lies in how fast you can resolve it.

You may feel tempted to give your partner the silent treatment and make them realize their mistake this way. But the truth is that the longer you take to makeup, higher is the chances for negative feelings to rapidly multiply in your heads.

When we are angry with someone, all we think about are the negative aspects of the relationship. These negative thoughts just keep on increasing if you don’t start talking to your partner to make up. Don’t wait too long to make up or else it will become even more difficult to resolve the matter.

2. Show compassion
You need to be compassionate towards your partner. No matter whose fault it is, you need to remember that your partner is equally hurt because of the first fight.

Instead of playing the blame game, you need to show compassion towards your partner and understand his/her feelings.

Showing compassion will make your partner realize that you care about their feelings and at the end you both will end up saying sorry to each other.


3. Calm yourself first
You need to first calm yourself before talking to your partner. In an angry state, we often start saying things which we don’t mean. Your first fight with girlfriend might make you reveal an ugly side of yourself and it is important that you tame it.

This leads to even more hurtful words being exchanged between you and your partner. Hence, it is important to not let your anger do the talking and calm yourself down.

Only when you calm yourself, you will be able to see the real problem of the fight and be able to resolve it.

4. Communication is the key
Your first fight doesn’t need to end up with your partner and you sleeping in different rooms. You need to communicate with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Talk to your partner and try to calm them down. Once they calm down, you both can talk to each other about what has hurt you the most. In a calmed state, you both can tell each other your perspective and talk about the issue in a healthier way.

5. After your first fight, work things out together
It is important to think about your relationship rather than having ego clashes. You both need to sit together and identify the triggers that caused your first fight. It will help you in understanding each other and avoiding the same in future.


Think of a mutually acceptable solution and end the fight with a hug. Hugs are magical. The first fight isn’t about winning or losing, it is about how much you both value your relationship and are ready to work for it.

6. Learn to forgive after first argument in a relationship
It is important for you both to forgive each other. Just saying sorry and not meaning it will lead to just yet another fight. Learn to forgive each other for their mistakes and move on from them. Forgiveness will help in lifting the burden from your heart and you will be able to focus more on your partner and the relationship.

The first fight at times feels as painful as dealing with a heartbreak or a breakup. It is because you start feeling these negative emotions and your fears related to the relationship come to light.

The truth is that the first fight with your boyfriend is a positive thing. You can ask, “What did we learn from our first fight?” You got to know your partner better and it made you realize how much you love your partner. It is like a wake-up call that things are getting real and you both start working on your relationship.

Don’t fear your first fight as after you both resolve it, you both will end up laughing about how it happened after a few years. Take it as a positive sign and make your relationship stronger!

1. Is it normal to fight in the beginning of a relationship?
If you are fighting before your 5th date then it is a bit alarming. Even before you know each other you are in an argument. But once you have started dating, you are exclusive or committed, the first fight can come within a few months time.

2. How do you handle your first fight in a relationship?
Don’t lose your cool, don’t get into an ugly fight or a slanging match. Treat it as an inevitable argument and try to come to a compromise keeping your egos aside.

3. Is the first year of a relationship the hardest?
Yes the first year of a relationship is tough. Even in a marriage most problems crop up in the first year. You get to know each other well. From trying to impress each other you drop each other’s guard and become more vulnerable.

4. How long should you be in a relationship before first fight?
Three months is a healthy time period to know each other before the first big fight. Usually couples avoid conflict before that. But if you are already fighting it could be a red flag and a relationship deal-breaker.


UNBELIEVABLE Married woman caught with another man by in-laws
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If you are bothered about dating a man that hustles for long hours everyday, read the ways to comply to the relationship



If you are bothered about dating a man that hustles for long hours everyday, read the ways to comply to the relationship

How many times has your boyfriend cancelled plans because he is “still working”? You get ready and eagerly wait for him to pick you up. But instead, you pick up his apology call telling you how sorry he is for being caught up at work.

Being in a relationship with a man who is practically married to his work is a lonely ride. You don’t feel the warmth of your partner’s presence anymore and even when he is around, he acts distant and keeps thinking about his work. It feels like you are in a long distance relationship when it’s actually not one.

In such cases, you wish there was another girl in the picture. At least you would have had to compete with an actual person!

Are you dating a workaholic?

Table of Contents

Are you dating a workaholic?
12 coping tips when dating a workaholic man
1. Work out a schedule
2. Understanding is important
3. Give him surprises
4. Don’t let work hamper his off days
5. Don’t nag at him
6. Talk to him about it
7. Try to understand his industry
8. Acknowledge the fact that it’s going to be like this
9. Go to a counsellor
10. Keep yourself busy
11. Use technology to stay connected
12. Try to change your perspective

Is it worth dating a workaholic?

Well, it is not hard for you to pick up signs from someone who neglects you for his work. Dating a workaholic is something that girlfriends usually avoid, because they like their partners to pamper them and give them attention. But love works in mysterious ways and you have to adjust with what you’ve signed up for. Here are the signs of a workaholic –

Work is always their priority: The need to succeed and keep striving for more is what drives them towards their work and gets them addicted to it. They might try to console you by saying that you are their priority, but isn’t it obvious what it actually is?

They get paranoid when they don’t work: Whether they are sick or on holiday, the fact that they are not working agitates them and makes them nervous and fidgety

They are unable to separate their personal and professional lives: Work always comes home with them. Workaholics are so obsessed with their work that they cannot draw a line between their personal and professional lives

They love being perfectionists: They take control of things because they know that they are the best at what they do (which they actually are). They are never satisfied with their achievements and there is never a stop to their work

You feel that you are talking to the wall: There are so many things you want to share with your partner, but he is too engrossed in his work to listen to what you have to say. If you ask him to say something, he will keep giving references to his work
It is as if a life beyond his work does not exist.

12 coping tips when dating a workaholic man
A workaholic wires his brain in a way so as to focus on his work to make it his utmost priority. In the attempt of doing so, he gets so involved in his work life that his obsession for work overpowers other emotions, which in turn makes him less responsive to actual feelings. All these emotions are present, but at a lower level and usually activate when it is somehow related to work.

Is your partner happier when he does well in his presentation or when you throw him a surprise birthday party?

Where there is a relationship, there are sacrifices. Your relationship faces many challenges and at times you see everything falling apart. His work commitments always seem to overpower your relationship and you don’t feel that you deserve to be with someone who doesn’t value you as much as he needs to.

Well, no relationship is perfect and if you want to make it work, then these 12 coping tips will help you adjust with a workaholic.

1. Work out a schedule
Workaholics are unable to balance work with their personal life and thus mess up their schedule. You can ask your partner or his assistant for his schedule and try to tally it with yours. After comparing the two, you can work out a flexible schedule where both of you can spend time with each other without the fear of hampering any work commitment of his.

Always make room for work emergencies, because you know that they are going to come up.

2. Understanding is important
Men expect you to understand them because they are not very vocal about their feelings. You need to understand how important his work is for his professional life to flourish. Trying to understand his side of the story will help you understand why he needs to be a workaholic.

If you understand him and give him space, he too will acknowledge your sacrifices sooner or later.

3. Give him surprises
You have some time on your hands and realise that your boyfriend is free too. Go to his office and surprise him. You can also go during his lunch hours and have lunch with him. Occasional gifts and small surprises are something guys secretly like.

4. Don’t let work hamper his off days
Set a rule that off days are meant for the two of you. Tell him upfront that whatever work he has should be finished the previous day so that his mind doesn’t get diverted with his work when you two are together. Tell him that a full day off is something every girlfriend whose boyfriend is married to his work deserves.

5. Don’t nag at him
He goes through a lot of pressure at work which drains him out. After that if you nag at him, he will either get frustrated or his morale will go down thinking that he’s not able to handle everything that well. Instead of nagging at him, go easy on him and try to make him understand things in a calm manner. He will respond more positively to that.

6. Talk to him about it
Two-way communication is important in every relationship. Talk to him about how you feel and make him understand your perspective. He must know how much he is putting you through by taking you for granted. Tell him that he too needs to cooperate with you. Talk to him and try to work things out.

7. Try to understand his industry
At times, when two people are from different industries, it is difficult for one partner to understand the other because he/she is only seeing one side of the coin. By researching about your partner’s job responsibilities and the challenges of his industry, you will be able to understand why your partner has to be on his feet all day.

It will help you understand his perspective better.

8. Acknowledge the fact that it’s going to be like this
Sometimes, expecting that your partner will change is what frustrates you even more. When expectations come crashing down, you feel frustrated and it spoils your relationship even further. You need to accept the fact that some things are never going to change, so it’s useless to expect them to do so.

Instead, accept the truth and work with it.

9. Go to a counsellor
There are times when the two of you cannot take it anymore and the relationship becomes suffocating. You both can’t be around each other but also don’t want to do it without each other. In such cases, workaholic relationship advice is important from an expert who understands both perspectives. Go to a relationship counsellor and work things out.

You will be surprised why you didn’t think of it in the first place.

10. Keep yourself busy
If your partner is busy, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life of your own. Get involved with your own life and spend some ‘me time’. Focus on yourself rather than your relationship. Spending time away from your partner is at times important to embrace your individual self and build your own identity.

11. Use technology to stay connected
Thanks to our pals WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype, you can always stay connected to your loved ones. With the help of technology and all our smart phone apps you can always stay in touch with your partner even on days you are not able to meet him. Staying away won’t pinch that much.

12. Try to change your perspective
Dating a workaholic might not have been something you were prepared to do but you already are. Since you are still going on with it, you could think of changing your perspective about workaholics instead. You can see the positive aspects of a workaholic and put yourself in their shoes.

By doing so, you will be able to understand their psychology better and you might realise that it’s not that bad after all.

This depends on the relationship. Every individual has different priorities and different ideas of a perfect relationship and hence it differs from person to person. For a couple that consists of both partners being workaholics, this is never a problem because they belong to the same mindset and are therefore on the same page. For a woman who wants her man to be there for constant emotional and mental support, dating a workaholic isn’t a good idea, because she will want things that he might not be able to give. If you are someone who is patient and understanding, dating a workaholic wouldn’t be bad because you would be able to work your way around it. It all depends on which one of these you are.

Know your priorities and expectations from a relationship and then decide for yourself. Don’t go into something without knowing its stakes, because it will end up hurting you and you will be filled with regret. Know what you are getting into before your relationship is headed for its doom. Ask yourself whether it is what you want, and more importantly, what you deserve, and then decide. You know what is right for you.

UNBELIEVABLE Married woman caught with another man by in-laws
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You are liable to have sex with your opposite gender if these things occur between you both



You are liable to have sex with your opposite gender if these things occur between you both

You have probably known this guy for many years and developed deep feelings for him. It’s like the world is a perfect place when he’s around and you think about him day and night. But keep in mind that these are just your feelings.

In order to begin a relationship with him, you have to be sure of his feelings as well. There will be signs that he secretly likes you as more than a friend.

1. He knows you inside and out
A normal friend will know you, sure. But a friend who genuinely likes you will make efforts to know you inside and out. He will know all your pet peeves and will ask you about your life details and will remember them too! This is the first sign that he wants more than friendship.

He will take a keen interest in both your professional and private life. You will special when he approaches you and wants to know more about your past, present and future.

If he truly wishes to develop a relationship with you, then he will try to understand you as a person. He will even love the things you consider flaws and will not want a casual relationship. This is a sign that he secretly likes you.

2. He loves hanging out with you
The guy will probably do all in his power to ensure that you both get to spend maximum quality time together. He will always be the one who will make plans to go out with you (and only you), even if you both have other mutual friends. He’s always suggesting activities that only involve the two of you and constantly looking for ways to spend time with you. You might have gone out to the movies and he might try to stretch out your time together by suggesting you grab some ice cream or a drink.

Even if he is busy, he will take out his time for you, because he genuinely enjoys your presence around him
3. He exhibits the signs of jealousy that doesn’t happen in a casual relationship
Whenever you seem interested in any other guy or are planning to go on a date with someone, he will try to dissuade you from going and show hints of jealousy. In addition, he might be protective of you when other men try to flirt with you. He wants you to be his girl and doesn’t just want a casual relationship. He won’t be happy at the prospect of you being with someone else. Putting on a happy face will be hard for him but as your friend, he will try his best.

4. Your family and friends adore him
The rapport he shares with your family and other friends is excellent. Your family adores him more than you because he has made an effort to win their hearts. This is an absolute sign he wants more than friendship.

He makes it a point to spend time with the people who are closest to you so that he can give you an indication that they matter to him as well. This is definitely one of the signs a friend likes you romantically.
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5. In addition, he loves it when you hang out with his family and friends
You will notice that he will always invite you to his family gatherings and outings with friends. He does this so that you can get acquainted with the people who matter to him. On the other hand, whenever you take the initiative to hang out with his family or his bunch of friends, he appreciates it to no end. He looks at you as a long term partner and does not want just a casual relationship with you. If he did, he wouldn’t be involving you with the people closest to his heart.

6. You have meaningful conversations with him
While you have your fair share of inside jokes and fun conversations, some conversations with him hit on a deeper level. You both are able to share your thoughts with each other frankly and probably talk about things that you don’t share with anyone else. He respects your opinions and is always ready to give you advice on important matters. You both understand each other well and it is not a casual relationship anymore as you share an intimate friendship.

7. He shows physical signs of romantic interest
You find him looking at you from the corner of his eye with an air of admiration. He makes direct eye contact with you, leans in towards you while talking to you. You might even end up holding hands or with one of you resting their head on the other’s shoulder. He wants more than your friends and hence shows these physical signs of romantic interest. This is a sign he wants you to notice him.

8. Makes an effort to transform himself
He tries to make a thoughtful change in his habits that you have been complaining about. You will find him implementing your suggestions and advice in his life. This is a sign he secretly loves you.

Remember, it’s difficult for people to change their habits. Especially at someone else’s behest. But if your friend is showing a willingness to do so at your request, then he definitely likes you and wants you more than a friend.

9. He celebrates your special days with much enthusiasm
Instead of just calling you and wishing you on your birthday like normal friends do, he will go an extra mile. He will make elaborate arrangements to make your day special. Not only will he show such enthusiasm on your birthday, but on any memorable day of your life, because your special days matter to him as well. His surprises and efforts always bring you immense joy and happiness.

10. He rarely shows interest in other girls, especially when you’re around
He wants you to know that he’s available for you whenever you’re ready to have him. Even if he has flings with other girls he might not share the details with you. He wants you to know he’s loyal towards you. This is an absolute sign he wants more than your friendship and secretly likes you.

11. He’s active on social media
He’s always commenting on your posts with either compliments or witty remarks. By visiting your social media profiles often he will try to stay updated on what’s happening in your life. He’ll be the first one to like your posts and mention you in comments. You’ll always find him sending you memes that he thinks will make you laugh or go awww.

12. It becomes his priority to keep you safe
To a certain extent, most male friends make an effort to keep their female friends safe. But he’s not just a regular friend, is he? You know he wants more than your friendship.

if your friend goes out of his way to keep you safe and is always concerned for you, then he probably wants more than your friendship. He won’t become possessive and overprotective and will still give you personal space. However, he will always be there for you and make sure you don’t get stuck in dangerous situations. He will offer to drop you to places even if he isn’t with you just to make sure you stay safe. This shows he isn’t casual about the friendship.

13. He shows interest in the activities that you like
You both are friends in the first place because you both have things in common. But if your friend is trying hard to show interest in the activities that you prefer to do and like, then this is a sign of romantic interest. He picks up activities that you like and engages in conversation with you about them. He’s constantly trying to learn more about the things that matter to you. This becomes his way of letting you know that your wavelengths match and you both are meant for one another. He definitely wants more than your friendship.

14. Complimenting you comes naturally to him
Unlike most of your other friends, complimenting you comes naturally to him. This is because he genuinely notices every change in you and gives you his honest opinion. He knows exactly how to make you happy with his compliments and wants you to know that wants more than your friendship. You will find him noticing and appreciating even the slightest change you make in your appearance.

15. Your efforts to make him happy are appreciated by him
Any effort that you put in to develop your friendship with him and take it to the next level makes him feel extremely happy. He will always appreciate you for your efforts. Even if it is something small like calling him back when you are free or taking out time to visit him, he will be grateful to you. These gestures mean a lot to him and he makes this clear to you. What he really means is that he wants more than your friendship.
16. He loves surprising you with gifts
Friends exchange gifts with each other only when there is a special occasion. But if he loves surprising you with gifts often, then it’s a sign he likes you more than a friend. He wants you to have everything you desire and loves pampering you and making you happy.

17. You can count on him without a doubt
He’s so reliable that whenever you’re caught up in a difficult situation, he’s the first person you think of. This is because he’s always been there for you in the past and has lent you a helping hand.
You can always call him and vent your frustrations away, as he is there to listen to your complains. If you ever need company for anything, then he will always be ready to accompany you.

When a man is able to uphold your trust and confidence, it means he is the right guy for you.
18. He talks to you in a different tone of voice
The tone he uses while talking to you and while talking to his other friends is quite different. When he talks to you, he becomes more conscious of his voice tone. His tone is gentler, more sensual and romantic so that you get the idea that you are different from the crowd. You’re important to him and more than just a friend.

19. People around you notice his interest in you
Perhaps you are so involved in maintaining the friendship that you don’t figure out that he is romantically interested in you. But other people do. They might start teasing you or asking you if you’re seeing each other. If people around the two of you, especially your family and close friends/colleagues, give you the indication that your friend likes you, there could be some truth to it. Someone outside the friendship you share with him will be better equipped to notice his feelings towards you.

20. You get a strong feeling that he likes you
As a woman, your intuitive power is very strong. Thus, you will notice a change in his behaviour towards you. A part of you will know he wants to be more than friends with you. Trust your gut feeling, it’s almost always right. It’s right to not want to assume his feelings and complicate your friendship. But if you notice him showing the signs above and you have an intuition he likes you, then he probably does. When you realise this, don’t be afraid to confront him.

Once you observe your friend portraying these signs, you have to decide how to take things forward. Before you decide to start a romantic relationship with him, make sure you are ready to make a serious commitment. He clearly wants more than a casual relationship and it’s important that your wavelengths match. Do not get into the relationship if you are unsure about your feelings, as it will end up ruining your friendship with him as well. So think about this situation carefully before you take the plunge into a romantic relationship.

UNBELIEVABLE Married woman caught with another man by in-laws
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Newbie partners must involve in these kinds of romantic kisses



Newbie partners must involve in these kinds of romantic kisses

There are few expressions of love as vivid as a deep, passionate kiss. But kissing can be a lot more than just locking of lips. To spice up your love life with variety, we recommend that you explore the myriad different types of kisses with your significant other. Those make out sessions can get a lot more exciting if you look beyond the much-hyped French kiss and let your lips do the talking in more ways than one.

An author friend of mine once told me that when she writes love stories, she rarely uses the word kiss. “There is a lot of brushing against lips and pressing your mouth against another”, she tells me, “But very rare outright kissing. Because the sound of the word itself sounds like the act and that is a gift that should be rarely opened.”

I, for one, am pretty sure that if you are reading this, you have already imagined that one face you’d like to explore in different ways and are wondering how many types of romantic types of kisses are there are or what are the types of kisses guys like and want. Now come on, don’t be shy. You know I am right. So, read on to find out the 15 different types of kisses you should never miss out on if you want to blow them away:

1. The anxious first kiss can be the best kiss
How can one talk about the different kinds of kisses and not lead with that first kiss, which fills you up with excitement and anxiety in equal parts? Everyone has experienced this one. We bet this takes you back to the memories of your first high school kiss. But we’re not just talking about the first kiss of your life but the first kiss you have with a new lover.

The build-up and the anticipation are enough to curl your toes.

It might be awkward and involve a lot of embarrassment but it is also always perfect. You find yourself hoping for it, anticipating it. When it happens, you and your partner obsessed about it for a long time to come.

2. The drunk kiss
You are both a bit tipsy and flirtier than usual. There is a lot of ‘accidental’ touching until you finally give in and kiss. And because you are both a little more unreserved thanks to all that alcohol in your system, it is also the most indulgent among the different kinds of kisses. If we were to list the different types of kisses guys like, we’re sure this would rank right at the top.


3. The passionate kiss that holds the promise for more
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Passionate kiss
This one stands out among the various different types of kisses for being way hotter and less chaste and being one of the most romantic types of kisses. You will both be a little breathless and braver than usual while kissing. You will pull each other as close as you can get and your mouths will develop a language of their own. Maybe a little bite, a tug of the lip and the promise of a lot more to look forward to.

4. The reassuring forehead kiss
A lingering peck on the forehead that says “I am here. You don’t need to worry.” This kiss is characteristically different from other types of kisses as it is completely asexual. Yet, it warms up your whole heart with the sheer happiness of companionship.

5. The quickly stolen romantic kiss
Of the different kinds of kisses, this one signifies a latent urgency your bodies feel for each other. You’re with a bunch of people – friend or family – and this sudden urge to hold each other close sweeps you over. Maybe you or your significant other said something to bring it on. Or you exchange a look and your heart just leaps. You sneak into the kitchen or the closet on some pretext or the other and steal a quick romantic kiss.


6. The hot one leading to a neck kiss
The riskier it is, the hotter and better. You’re both burning up with passion but the setting, time or place doesn’t allow you to go all the way. One of you pushes the other against a wall in the bathroom or on the bed. A hot, passionate make out session ensues, leading to kissing on the neck, and perhaps, even some hard to explain love bites.

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The hot one leading to a neck kiss
7. The feel better kiss
This one may not be for people who are casually dating. But when you’re in a serious, committed relationship, you become the types of kissers who don’t care about the right mood or environment. The sweetness of the feel better kiss you receive when you’re feeling low and have been bawling your eyes out or lying sick in bed is undeniable. The fact that your partner cannot help from kissing you even when you are down in dumps offers the quirkiest kind of reassurance.

It tells you that they will care no matter how you look and that will not change.

8. The affectionate kiss
A quick peck on the cheek or the hand before heading out for work, after coming back home, while spooning together in bed are all manifestations of the affectionate kiss. These different types of kisses tell you that they remember and they care, even when they are super late for work.

These affectionate kisses should be an integral part of every relationship and you must indulge in them over and over again, as the sweetness of these gestures of love just grows with familiarity.

9. The morning kiss
This is the best kiss to drive home the point that you and your partner truly love each other for better or for worse. You haven’t brushed yet and probably smell like death. But they don’t care. They are just happy to wake up by your side and start another day with you. When the morning kiss becomes a regular feature in your relationship, you can rest assured that you and your partner are not going anywhere.

10. The one after “I do” kiss
Maybe you don’t plan on getting married. Or maybe you do. But married couples will tell you this kiss incomparable to all the other different types of kisses there are. Because the person in front of you just confirmed that they want to share their life with you and love you as you are.

You both picked each other as ‘the one’. That’s got to count for something.

11. The ‘I’ll never let you go’ kiss
You just cannot fight the passion of this one. If you want to know different ways to kiss your boyfriend, go over to him, lock his lips with yours and make that kiss last. Make it so honest and real, that he knows you are here to stay with him. It’s a kiss that is calling out to him and saying ‘You are mine, forever and ever’. Pull away after your kiss, look into his eyes and reassure him that you are always there for him.

12. The last goodbye kiss
Perhaps the saddest kind of kisses, but they hold so much beauty, warmth, longing and tenderness in them. Seeing them off at the airport or walking away from them after finally succumbing to those breakup signs, goodbyes are never easy. With this kiss, press your lips firmly, close your eyes tight shut and and make your last kiss beautiful.

types of kisses and their meaning
The sweet goodbye kiss
13. The kiss of trust
This kiss does not have to be some kind of long, elaborate one. But this kind of a peck kiss holds a profound meaning that can make you feel comfort as if in a cocoon of love and happiness. So drop a soft peck or consider the deep kissing upper lip meaning and convey the love and promise of trust to your partner.

14. The ‘I want you now’ kiss
If you are one to go all out and enjoy kissing with tongue, consider this the perfect one for you among different types of kisses and their meaning. This hot and heavy kiss means that you are ready to take things to the next level sexually, whenever they are too. It’s an indication that you are incredibly turned on and simply cannot get enough of them.

Pull them in like you mean it, hold their hair or their waist softly but like you are ready to show them a good time. With these kissing techniques that guys love, you’ll have him yearning for more in no time.

15. Nibble kiss for extra fun
We have already gone over the American kiss meaning or the passionate neck kiss or peck kisses to promise love and commitment. But to really make things fun, don’t forget about the nibble kiss! Be careful with this one as if done wrong, it could make your partner uncomfortable.

All you have to do is grab their lower lip and bite or nibble on it but do it gently. This is among the top types of kisses that guys like and he will go absolutely crazy for you after this one.

Humans often show their affection through touch and don’t forget, there are health benefits of kissing too! These displays of affection change and deepen as our relationships grow and mature. You will experience it as you share these different types of kisses with your partner. Each one of these kisses will be special and riveting in their own right. So with these different ways to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend, show them how much they mean to you.


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