“What did AG [email protected] do this time?” Nigerians react when singer Simi posts a cryptic message about Yoruba guys on social media. – Lifestyle News

Simisola Kosoko, better known as Simi, a Nigerian musician, has had people talking online when she tweeted a mysterious remark regarding Yoruba males.

In the early hours of Wednesday, June 8, the mother of one resorted to Twitter to say that Yoruba men cheat people with their physical looks and silky words.

“Sigh. The 34-year-old singer wrote, “Yoruba males will use agbada and Queen’s English to lead you astray.”

The tweet has stirred mixed reactions from netizens as they point accusing fingers at her singer husband, Adekunle God, and question what he did wrong to warrant the statement.

Adekunle Gold surprised his wife with a large gift for her 34th birthday during an episode of Nigeria Idol a while back.

Adekunle Gold pretended to be his wife’s “superfan” and presented her with a birthday cake on stage during the live concert.

When Simi, one of the Nigerian Idol judges, spotted the admirer who turned out to be her husband, she was taken aback. For the first few minutes, her mouth was wide open, but then she sprung to her feet and gave him a heartfelt hug.

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