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What Does S*x Feel Like



What does s*x feel like? In all honesty, s*x may feel differently from person to person, but in general, s*x feels pleasurable to both males and females. One of the main reasons humans engage in s*x and foreplay is because it feels good and is fun. Obviously, s*x feels different for men than it does for women because they have different s*xual organs. s*x is an activity that is very diverse and can be a very unique experience for the people involved.

The s*xual organs of both the man and woman are some of the most sensitive spots on the body. Any type of touch or stimulation can cause arousal to these areas, which of course, includes s*x. Many people are turned on . the touch and feel of s*x, while others may enjoy the visual or personal aspects of it. For some, s*x may feel better with multiple partners and no attachment. For others, s*x may only be satisfying with the person they love or are in a relationship with. Everyone is different, and no two people really have the same exact feelings regarding s*x or the emotional aspects of it.

Many people may compare s*x to the way self service feels, except with a partner involved. Others will say that s*xual intercourse with a partner and self service feel very different on many levels. s*x may feel better if the person has a high s*x drive versus someone who isn’t as turned on . s*x. Some people may take a while to climax or climax during s*x, and it may take more work and effort for them to achieve pleasure. Others may climax easily, or when they’ve barely just started having s*x. Most people agree that one of the best parts of s*x is the climax, as it feels very good. An climax can generally be felt throughout the entire body, and not just the s*x organs. An climax is said to be the climax of the s*xual experience.

The best way to find out how s*x feels is to experience it for yourself. You may find that it feels very differently for you than it does from someone else’s perspective. s*x should always feel good and should be pleasurable. If s*x is not fun or enjoyable, you may need to step back and determine why it is not feeling good. It may be due to physical issues with the body, or it might be due to emotional reasons.

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