What God Told Me About Coronavirus- Apostle Suleman


As fears of coronavirus heightens in the country, the President, Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Suleman Johnson, says God told him the disease will disappear the way it came.

In a video shared on TheCable’s Twitter handle, Apostle Suleman, while addressing his congregation, asked them to stop reading things about coronavirus, as it will heighten their fears.

According to the cleric who claimed everyone has been waiting to hear what God told him, the disease is a plague from hell fire.

He said “The economy is crumbling, nations are shaking, flights are cancelled, conferences are not held, schools are shutting down because of the fear of coronavirus.

“The fear of the virus is now more deadly than the virus, stop reading things that tell you about coronavirus because the devil is selling fear, but this is a plague from hell.

“Presidents are contacting it the president of Brazil, the wife of the prime minister of Canada, everybody, but there is a scripture that covers us. Whether you are in America, you’re in London, or zeurope, don’t be afraid. Psalm 91 verse 10 says there shall be no evil befall you. neither shall any plague come near thy dwelling.

“God told me something to tell you and I want everybody to listen because everyone has been waiting for me to give a word from God concerning coronavirus, listen, It’s not about vaccine.

“Coronavirus will disappear the way it came. God told me the same way coronavirus came, it will disappear. you’re going to discover that very soon you will not hear of it anymore because everything will return to normal, don’t fear.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has recorded five new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to eight,

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What God Told Me About Coronavirus- Apostle Suleman

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