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What He Think About During Sex



Ladies, have you ever wondered what’s going through your man’s mind as you’re straddling him and putting in your best work? > you have humanity’s most unsolved mystery solved. There are many other thoughts of course…but these ones should suffice

  • Don’t c*m too quick!
  • NO teeth on the man-hood please
  • I have to make her c*m first!
  • It’s so good, I don’t want to pull out
  • This is .-far the best i ever tasted
  • Damn! When did she learn to do that?
  • WTF is she doing?
  • Hmm… might be time to try a new position
  • Why is she so quiet?
  • I wonder if she’s enjoying it
  • How freaky can she get?
  • I am hungry
  • I wonder if am doing enough
  • Should I go fast or slow?
  • This is getting boring
  • I am tired AF
  • I hope i can satisfy her
  • Lemme give her like this–so she knows am the boss

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