Isn’t it just so pleasant to be in love and to have the most amazing relationships/wedding?

I mean, who doesn’t want fun trips, romantic dinners, deep conversations, mind-blowing s*x and the amazing companionship that blossoms between two people after they understand each other’s beautiful souls?

Who on earth does not want love like this?

Never mind answering, I’ll answer the question myself.

No one. Absolutely no one would say not to that.

How about love in sickness? How many people would sign up for that?

When his/her legs don’t work like they used to before, would you still want to stick around to sweep them off their feet?

If that your pretty partner’s face got burnt in a terrible accident, would she still remain beautiful to you? Would you still be in love with her?

Maybe it’s time you imagined your present partner in some of these unpleasant circumstances and deeply considered these questions.

Life has too many uncertainties, and the risk is real that your partner might lose his/her appealing features, a limb or two, or become affected . a terrible decapitating illness.

What would you do then, stick or twist?

For example a Twitter user Kenna [@mackenna_newman] recently shared a moving picture of her father seated outside her mum’s room because her mom had to stay in her room in isolation as she received radiation for her Cancer.

The Internet of course got so emotional . the tweet and the show of fierce dedication shown . the man in the picture.

There are loads of amazing couples out there who would do the same for their spouse even if it was a worse situation, and that is the exact standard everyone in love needs to aspire to.

As Shakespeare says in Sonnet 116, “love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.”

Before you say you love someone, have you considered where your love would be if that person suddenly becomes weak in sickness or permanently bedridden?

Will you still love? Will you still be there with them through all that?

To be forever young in health wellness and in love is everyone’s desire, but sometimes life hits people with sicknesses and frailties and that is when the presence of love truly becomes tested.

Are you the type of partner who fails when your love is most needed, or the type that vanishes?

The answer to that is best shown than said.