Bae can like someone else and it’s okay. Before you come for us, just hear us out. At times, we expect our significant others to always have the ability to discern right from wrong. We feel like they are immune to mistakes, like they’re wired to be in love with just us.

We can suddenly hear something about the truth being bitter (mind you, it even tastes super bitter as this is being written). However, remember that bae is just as human too and think about this for a second: are there really any perfect couples without any bumps on the road?

It can be quite unbelievable to think that someone you took time to get to know will suddenly develop different feelings for someone that isn’t you. It’s a confusing occurrence that we can’t understand beyond the normal way we work as humans. This “foreign” attraction in itself is harmless, we do after all have blood running through our veins and there’s just that hint of new we get from other people that aren’t our partners. Even you as someone’s bae can like others, that’s okay too! Are you now seeing what we’re seeing?

Relationship myths


When do these feelings become a problem?

The issue begins right at the point you or bae decides to act on these feelings. When something like this happens, you find yourself comparing, seeking for one or more unique qualities that makes them more desirable than this new person – a justification for staying. The truth is, you need not do anything. Just enjoy these new people as friends because nothing will ever make your bae be like them or vice versa. We have our unique qualities and this is why you are with them (your partner) in the first place. Foreign feelings will leave just as fast as they came and all will be well with the world again.

What do you do when this happens? Some speak to their partners about it, some agree that bae can like others and they’re good, do you do the same for yours? Let’s talk!

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