Leanna Adler shared her scary story of her daughter’s near-drowning as a cautionary tale to other families. Her daughter Brook learned how to swim for the first time. Parents were so happy!

But few hours later mom noticed that her 2-year-old girl started to cough! It was like an asthma attack! The concerned mother took Brooke to the doctor. Her lungs were swollen but she was treated quickly. The girl was experiencing a dry drowning.

It happened when a child swallows water while swimming or after a scary moment while swimming. The worst case of dry drowning is when water will sit in the lungs.

What are the warning signs of dry drowning? These are reasons to bring child to the hospital: unusual behavior, coughing, and trouble breathing.

If you’re like most parents, you probably figure once your child is done swimming , his risk of drowning is over. Dry drowning can happen hours after he’s toweled off and moved on to other things.



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