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What Wearing Sexy Lingerie Actually Feels For Women



Guys, think back to Valentine’s Day. Did you gift your leading lady with lingerie? Or were you secretly hoping that she would finally come out of the bathroom rocking something skimpy for your viewing pleasure?

Well, 76 percent of women would rather their men didn’t buy them underwear. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, boys. The good news, however, is that most women say special sets make them feel more sexually confident behind closed doors. Lingerie can highlight a woman’s best assets and, while it’s pretty impractical for everyday use, it has the power to make women feel like total s*x goddesses. Lucky you.

Underwear is a secret a woman has only with herself and the man with whom she’s sleeping—and probably her roommates and friends with whom she’d shopped. Unfortunately, the picture that men often have in their minds of women wearing lace “f**k me” panties every day isn’t quite accurate. It should come as no surprise that men prefer red lace, bold cut-outs, stockings, bows and suspenders. While that’s hot for everyone involved, most women prefer to wear full-cup bras and understated tones so they can look and feel good.

Throwing on a brightly colored g-string that’ll ride up all day at work just isn’t practical… or comfortable. Many women will opt for a pair of boy shorts or, dare I say, granny panties, because they just don’t give a f**k.

Wearing lingerie in the bedroom is a confidence booster, but wearing lingerie anywhere else is a real pain in the a*s… literally.

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