Nine ladies dish on what they really think of calling you for a sexy chat.

You may think that in a world where sexting seems to be the number one way to communicate the sexy times, phone s*x is a thing of the past, but you’re wrong.

Do women like phone s*x? Yes, there are still people out there who are actually picking up the phone, having a conversation with — GASP! — their voice, and even letting that chat get s*xual sometimes.

How else are people in long-distance relationships supposed to make up for that fact that their unclad bodies have been far apart for so long? Skype is great, but there’s something about the, “You’re frozen. Wait. You’re moving again. Now your lips aren’t in sync with your words. Ugh. You’re frozen again,” that can kill the mood.

We talked to some ladies about their thoughts on phone s*x and dirty talk. And not too surprisingly, even those who aren’t in long-distance relationships use it as a means to keep things spicy.

So, do women like phone s*x? >’s what they really think:

1. As long as he knows the right words to use.

“Yay! There is nothing sexier than a good vocabulary.”

2. I talk dirty to my man when he’s at work.

“I love to call my boyfriend when he’s at work and immediately start talking dirty to him, knowing that all he can do is listen and not respond. It’s hot.”
3. His voice is such a turn-on.

“We started having phone s*x when we went to different schools in college, as a way to self service together. But now we still do it occasionally for fun, because it’s hot to hear his voice when he has an climax — at the office, out of town for work, or just for the hell of it.”

4. Hell no.

“Gross. I can barely talk sexy in person, let alone on the phone.”

5. It’s way too awkward over the phone.

“I feel like it would be just awkward to have phone s*x with my husband. It’s not something we’ve ever done and to start doing it after three years would be weird. Besides, he can’t even sext properly.”

6. That’s why sexting exists.

“Text was invented for a reason, and I’m pretty sure this is one of those reasons: sexting.”

7. I can’t express myself that way
“I’m not into it. I don’t like to verbally express myself. I like to physically express myself. Sh*t, I’m a dancer; I use my body not my words.”

8. No, I hate talking on the phone.

“I won’t even order food from a place where I have to call them. If they don’t have an ‘online order’ option, forget it. Based on that level of hatred, I refuse to engage in phone s*x despite having dated lots of dudes who are into it.”

9. I don’t even use my phone.

“I don’t know the last time I used my phone to talk into it, so NO. NO. NO. NO.”

.: Yourtango