Like every event, planning a baby shower has its challenges, it needs time and thorough planning. People are not going to show up for your baby shower just because you’re pregnant. Baby showers need to be fun, it’s a celebration! Also, getting your baby shower to be on point is not just for the guests it also for you. You have to have fun and enjoy yourself too! 

Looking for some baby shower planning pointers? We’ve got some for you⬇

Get help! You are pregnant, don’t assume you can do it all by yourself, even if you can, don’t dare.  This is not the time to bring out your ‘stress can’t break me’ super power. Involve friends, family to help out from planning to the end of the shower. Your health and your babies health are what matters most.

Theme and Budget: choose your theme first, then work your budget to fit the theme. What you need to know, events heme you can be worked to fit a low budget and themes can be blown over the top to fit a big budget.

It’s a special day for you and your baby, do not let a low budget ruin it for you.

What You Need to Know Before Planning a Baby Shower

Have family and friends controbute:  this is also one ways your handle a low budget situation. You can ask a certain friend to bring salad, a family can bring deserts and more. This would help you save money off some items and spent it on other aspects of the shower.

Pick Neutral colours: this works best if you do not want to reveal the baby’s sex before birth.

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Venue: For a baby shower, the venue is most preferably your home. However, if you do not want to use your home, then option should be a place you are comfortable with. You are pregnant, comfort is key. Make plans ahead for easy transportation of gifts from the venue to your home.

Include Games & Entertainment: Include games including fun and simple games, get a dj, you can even get a comedian to make people laugh. A baby shower can get boring easily.

Have fun: It’s your day, no matter what, enjoy yourself. Even if the desserts are not as sine as expected, if your guests are late, if you didn’t get the kind of gifts you were expecting or your best friend didn’t show up, you’ve got to enjoy that day!

Hit the spa: The probability that you’ve stressed out planning and during your baby shower is high. So, relax, go get that massage, allow your body enjoy some pampering, calm your mind and be refreshed, remember, you’re popping soon!


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