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Weight Loss

What You Need To Know



First off, depending on the size of your newborn (usually between 5-10 pounds) and precise weight of your amniotic fluid and placenta that are also delivered at birth, most women lose up to 12 pounds during child birth. Secondly, considering the average weight gain of a pregnant woman would be anywhere between 25-35 pounds, delivery is already a healthy start at weight loss.

Try not to eat for two because your body doesn’t need all the added calories. The more weight you gain during your pregnancy, the longer it takes to shed the excess pounds which are a result of stored fat, blood supply, breast tissue and enlarged uterus.

If you have a fleet of child care personnel, physical trainers and chefs that are ready to whip up the best of dietary foods, then it would be easier to attain the celebrity post-pregnancy fab body. For most women that don’t have professionals at our beck and call, > are a list of things you can do (and need to know) to lose pregnancy weight naturally at home.

  1. You will probably find yourself urinating A LOT. Drink a whole lot of water and fresh fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated and help flush out all the excess fluids from your pregnancy.
  2. Wait till your baby has got the hang of breastfeeding before you decide to start working on weight loss. Eat healthy and balanced meals so you don’t compromise on the milk production and avoid extra calories. This will result keeping the weight off in the long run too.
  3. Get your partner to join in on exercise time. Start with walks around the block and take it up a notch by doing cardio at home. DO NOT start exercising without prior consent from your healthcare provider.

Ideally, you shouldn’t even be exercising or trying to lose weight intentionally for the first 6 weeks as your body is healing. Your organs need to resize and get back in non-pregnant positions so don’t push yourself to get your slamming pre-pregnancy body back, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Give yourself time to relax and love the process.

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