Sharp diagonal tips: You are a born leader, you know exactly what you want in life and how to achieve it. You are also ambitious, how know how to catch the moment, this makes you a popular person. On the other hand you are a bit insecure on yourself and on the decisions you make but you are good on hiding your insecurity.

Flat top concave: You don’t mind taking risks and doing deals with anyone. Sometimes you have been in trouble but you have successfully solved them. You are a sociable person and you know how to enjoy every moment in your life.

Sharp curved top: You are a creative person who try always to get more and more in life. You are a great friend and a great partner but you push yourself too much trying to give the best from yourself.

Sharp angled sides: You love flirting with others around you, that usually annoys your friends. You love traveling and swimming so your favorite thing is going on vacation.