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When Are We Getting A Trailer?ZUMI



Guys! So we’ve actually gone almost a whole year without a new season of Skinny Girl In Transit. Unbelievable!

We already know a new season of Skinny Girl In Transit is in the works. However, considering that all our faves got their happy ending in the season four finale, we don’t know what it will be all about. In case you’ve forgotten how the last season ended, let’s refresh your memory. Mide proposed to Tiwa and she said ‘yes.’ Also, Shalewa and Mohammed resolved their differences.

new season of Skinny Girl In Transit

(Photo: SGIT)

Obviously, we need a trailer to let us in on what the season is about, but when exactly will that be released? So far, we are yet to get an official synopsis, teaser or even any kind of information on what to expect.

And hey, we aren’t the only ones anxious. SGIT fans on twitter also want to know! Check out these tweets:

Well, while we are all waiting for a trailer, gather round let’s share what we know about the upcoming season five. There are new additions to the cast! Hot Kenyan actor, Nick Mutama will be joining your faves next season. We don’t know anything about his character, but we are a big fan of his acting. So yay!

Sophie Alakija is also joining the cast as Farida and we can’t wait to meet her!

We also know they are currently in post-production, which could mean the release date is closer than we think. However, we still need a trailer ASAP!

How excited are you about a new season of Skinny Girl In Transit? While you’re waiting, there are other cool Nigerian web series you could binge on. 

You can also refresh your memory with the last episode of SGIT:




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