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‘When did I start washing plates’ – Boy rants after sister asks him to do dishes

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A Update of a boy upset at his sister for making him wash plates is trending online.  

He had started the task when his sister walked in to capture him on camera.

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Upon hearing her voice, he turned around to lash out at her, asking her why he was the one doing the dishes.

In her caption, she wrote, “When you tell the lastborn of the house to wash plate for the first time”.

@officially_annabell vowed: “My younger brother can never try this with me.”

@donl37 noted:” That gerrout came from his soul. See ehn if you try this thing in sone houses ehn… You might not live to tell the tale! The slaps will rain like lightning & thunder the energy they have in some homes for indiscipline is excess. He’s extremely lucky.”



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