So what does it REALLY mean when a woman wants to hear him say “I love you” more often?

She wants to hear that her man loves her with sincerity, and she wants much more. She doesn’t only want to hear the words “I love you.”

She wants to experience a love that is authentic and filled with care and respect.

One way a man can let a woman know she’s an important part of their relationship is by letting her nurture him.

To be very clear, that doesn’t mean that she gives into all his little demands. It means she wants her man to open up to her. She wants to help him through his rough times.

She wants to know she is one of the most important parts of his life, that she brings value to the relationship, and that he recognizes that. A woman wants to know he considers her to be his best friend.

She wants him to desire her, and no one else. She wants to know that her man’s life is better with her in it. That she means everything to him, and that he loves her and all her imperfections as well.

A man can tell his partner he loves her in such a wide variety of ways, that if he truly does, finding one each and every day should be something that comes naturally from within him.

He can tell her she is his best friend, and she means the world to him.

He can tell her how happy it makes him to have her in his life.

He can tell her she is his favorite person in the entire world.

He should tell her he is dedicated to her only, and why.


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