When You Get Finacial Breakthrough, Sow Financially Into Your Broke Friends

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Political activist Reno Omokri has released another financial nuggets applicable to rich and broke friends.

Reno Omokri

Reno said taking one’s broke friend out to the club when financial breakthrough comes is a waste of resources, ratger, the rich friend should so into their broke friends and help them get out of their broke state.
“When you achieve financial breakthrough, don’t just celebrate by taking your broke friends to a club and getting wasted on expensive alcohol. Remember where they come from. Instead, sow financially into them.”
Reno Omokri Speaks On Feminism
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He further said that enabling your broke friends out of their broken state will give your own finance some type of security because they won’t have to depend on you financially anymore.
“Your money is most secure, when your family and friends also have their own money. So, when you make it, help them make it.”

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