Which cream did you apply?-A woman who was once dark-skinned draws attention to her startling metamorphosis in a video. – Lifestyle News

I exclaimed, “Jesus! What a life,” was how netizens reacted after witnessing the transformation video of this young Nigerian woman who was previously dark-skinned.

While many submissions have been interesting to watch, that of this lady takes the cake for many. A new viral sound on TikTok has its users showing what they used to look like before in contrast to what they look like now.

Her video reveals that she once had dark skin, but that she is now as fair as an overripe mango fruit. Because of this change, internet users have been curious about her skin care regimen.

As of right now, her video on TikTok has had over 300k views, and one user who was of the opinion that while her skin may seem wonderful on her face, it might not be as good on her legs… Therefore, he requested a video of her legs.

The woman complied with his request and recorded a video showcasing her legs… Users are still dubious, though, due to the filter she applied.

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