While We’re On BBNaija Madness, Genevieve Nnaji Is Slaying At Coachella 😍 See Photo

While We're On BBNaija Madness, Genevieve Nnaji Is Slaying At Coachella!

While we are all out here letting the BBNaija madness distract us, Genevieve Nnaji is in the US serving us Coachella Vibes.

Admittedly, the Big Brother Naija finale anticipation and tension among fans was enough to miss this one. But hey, this is Genevieve Nnaji, we can’t be caught dead missing out on her gorgeousness and style slay.

While We're On BBNaija Madness, Genevieve Nnaji Is Slaying At Coachella!


So, guys, Genevieve Nnaji took us all by surprise when she shared a photo of herself at Coachella which ended on Sunday, April 22.

Like, wow, girl!

She wasn’t even playing, the superstar actor was all class and style in the photo she shared on the ‘gram.

Beautiful people, hold your breaths…it’s the Queen – Genevieve Nnaji in all of her glory.

See the Instagram post shared by Genevieve Nnaji below.


As soon as she shared it, her fans and friends quickly took to the . section to gas her up like…yes! That’s how you slay.

Thing is, Genevieve has been shutting down the internet lately and she just does it effortlessly. She does not overdress and she does not wear a lot of makeup either, but she has a way of making the internet stand still whenever she does just about anything online.

Just before this Coachella photo buzz which now has us in awe of the lady yet again, Genevieve shut down the internet two weeks ago. She took to the internet to share a video of herself busting some shaku shaku dance moves. Who knew she could even move that golden body let alone dance shaku shaku?

And funnily enough, hers was not the average shaku shaku, someone said Genevieve’s shaku shaku went to school and got a degree and it has so much class…lol

That said, see the video for yourself.

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