Dencia, Nigerian beautician and founder of the popular cosmetic brand ‘Whitenicious’ has filed a lawsuit against American actress, Lisa Raye, over a debranding comment made by the actress.

In January 2016, Lisa Raye had granted an interview on a radio show to promote her new film Skinned and in the process, tried to tarnish Dencia’s ‘Whitenicious’ skin care product. According to Lisa, the products cause cancer and skin blotching.

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“They use this cream like lotion all over their bodies to bleach their skin to become lighter,” she said. “Now, what happens, though, their knuckles, their elbows stay the original color. So, now you’re looking at them like, ‘What did you do?”

Dencia went on to file a defamation lawsuit against Lisa Raye. The actress, who didn’t want more trouble reached out to Dencia for the case to be settled amicably and out of court, but the beautician was not in the mood to entertain her pleas. She wrote a long open letter, saying . . .

“Don’t u ever . your self, don’t let these internet streets hype you cuz at the end u are alone in this mess,” she said. “Most of u know what happened I think January with Miss Lisa Raye. After her Radio interview I reached out to her & movie producers to retract statement and they ignored me.”

“I retained lawyers who sent a letter and she was like oh idk this person bla bla bla, the Radio station retracted but Lisa didn’t,she had her chance & went on tmz & decided to promote her movie. $20,000 later on lawyers & lost sales u want to negotiate?”

“No Lady we going to court. When u live in a Country like America with laws and u are in an industry where u are supposed to chew your words before saying anything u have to understand the consequences.I was insulted assaulted,lost money,spent money & now u want to settle nah I don’t settle for less. 

“This will teach anyone coming for me lesson,I got time & $$ to make you pay for what u say.The Internet is out here making people act above their wage,some shit is kitchen table talk and the key is to leave it in the oven so u don’t . yourself, so here is my reply Miss Raye SEE U IN COURT.I told y’all I don’t need luck I win everything.

“Be careful who u come for I am not famous I am just a YOUNG AFRICAN GIRL Living her life somewhere far away from Drama that seems to find me in these bushes. All I am saying is all u celebrities promoting yo shit just leave me out especially my companies @whitenicious @darkliciouscosmetics @envydiacosmetics @monangebebe I don’t . with my businesses.”

Dencia makes most of her sales from African ladies, especially Nigerians who are in the habit of toning their dark skin to white. So far, there has not been any recorded case in Nigeria of cancer-. to the use oof whitenicious, if any please indicate via the comment box.



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