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Who Wore It Best? Jennifer Oseh Vs Aduke In The Zii Studio Layered Gingham Pants!



Zii Studios Gingham Pants

Hot stuff! Who wins in the Zii Studio layered gingham pants between a model and a style influencer? Let’s not dive in just yet but take some time to admire the awesome gingham pants! If only this piece was in your wardrobe it would be great for a Friday night out with a crop top on it! Right?

That was what we thought when Jennifer Oseh gave it a different vibe after she styled it with a white tee and gingham shoes! That babe is on a different vibe when it comes to risks. She turned the party-worthy pants to a daytime casual fix in no time. Like a cool chic that she is, she matched the pants with an inscribed religious tee, a hat and yellow gingham shoes!

The effrontery of it all! We are definitely copping this matching skill to be a pro. Isn’t that what sets you apart from the rest? Definitely a style steal right here!

On a second note, top model Adukebey was spotted in the gingham pants for something like a beach-themed shoot. She looks stunning in a red bikini and multi-coloured oversized jacket! She had our eyes also stuck on the rattan bag accessory. A total beach vibe with this model and we love it!

That said, beach vibes or casual vibes, who styled this layered gingham pants better? Let’s hear what you think!



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