Whoever Is Not Ready To Be Trained Should Not Be Allowed In The Industry

Actor Yomi Fabiyi
Nigerian actor and newly unveiled Human Rights activist, Yomi Fabiyi has said the Nigerian movie industry should be, stressing that training and discipline are so important and anyone who is not ready to be trained should not be allowed in the industry under any guise.

Yomi Fabiyi said this in an Instagram post, after attention is shifting away from him and the whole Baba Ijesha back and forth is dying down and fading out. Apparently, the actor is sending out cryptic message to some of his colleagues, calling them desperate ingrates.

“Many desperate ingrates, impatient and uninformed are decietfully using platforms of established Filmmakers to find their way into the movie industry and are fast becoming a CURSE and a TRAGEDY to the profession”, he began his statement. “When you offer them what takes years of practice to get, you will be their first casualty as ingrates, disrespect and delusion. The sad part is they have a handful INSIDERS and SNITCHS who readily give such ingrates some dirty help for whatever reasons.”

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“The consequences infect the good pillars of the industry. They seldom amount to anything or last. Whoever is NOT ready to be trained should not be allowed in under any guise, the industry must have a DOOR. Social Media to Lead Role will bring the industry more pain than good. All of us guilty of this should accept the blame and avoid repetition. Social Media should be means of contact for any potentials not a platform to launch filming career. Time to be more vigilant”, he wrote.

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