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Why BBNaija Doesn’t Show Explicit Content



BBNaija reality TV show host, Ebuka Uchendu has revealed why explicit content where not shown on the show.

Speaking on Beat FM, Ebuka stated that explicit contents were censored so as to keep in line with Nigerian Broadcasting Commission’s regulations.

Ebuka said, “I like Erica; I really like Erica, which is also funny because people thought that I hated her. She gave us good content; she and Kiddwaya.

“First things first, we live in a country that has regulations. We all know about the NBC; there are certain things we can never show whether we like it or not.

“I always say that BBNaija show would be a different show if it was not a Nigerian show or if it was not in Nigeria because of the kind of things that we cannot show. Those things are not in our call; it is just legal issues.”

He also denied speculations that the organisers focused and showed things about Erica and Kiddwaya to make them look bad.

According to him, most scenes from Erica and Kiddwaya were under the sheets and no one saw anything.

“Secondly, this talk about what we showed about Kiddwaya and Erica; we actually did not show anything about them if anyone remembers. In fact, it was even Ka3na and Praise that people saw under the sheets.

“A lot of these things happened under the sheets in the house; so, we do not know what is happening. We’re not going to send a ninja to remove the sheet so that we can get a good shot.

“People say we showed some things that made Erica and Kiddwaya look bad and I ask how? How did we make them look bad?”

He added that people just made assumptions because everything that has been revealed on the reunion show was actually on air.

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