Why Going Make-Up Free Can Benefit Your Skin

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For many women, makeup means everything. It’s a source of confidence, strength, and inspiration. This means a day can hardly go by without putting on the makeup. While this is entirely not a bad idea, having access to these beauty products, for that matter — doesn’t mean you have to wear them every time. Although it’s a known fact that makeup habit is hard to break sometimes, every now and then we get to see celebrities in their bare faces, prompting the question: “what’s in it for going-makeup-free?” 

According to Laura Marinelli, a microbiologist and scientific adviser at Ellis Day Skin Science, it is vital to give the skin a break because the temporary blockage caused by skincare products creates an ‘artificial wall on our skin’, which can hinder the skin’s natural glow. 

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“While it’s true that the top layer of skin does take in oxygen from the air, there is another important reason to give our skin a break from tons of heavy products,” Laura told HuffPost. “Most makeup and many skin care products create a temporary blockage, which can interfere with the skin’s natural turnover process.”

For the makeup junkies, this might hurt but Marinelli further explained that is it very important to remove all your makeup before going to bed as it does help the skin rejuvenate. “Giving your skin an occasional break from your normal makeup regimen and, of course, removing all your makeup every night, can support your skin’s natural healing and rejuvenation properties,” She explained.

Her statement was, however, supported by Michelle Henry, a New York-based board-certified dermatologist, who agreed that wearing oily and heavy makeup is prone to causing acne breakouts but said those ‘wearing lighter, oil-free or powder-based makeup and experiencing breakouts can continue wearing that makeup if they adhere to a good skincare routine.’

“If you’re wearing makeup that’s very oily, heavy and occlusive, the more potential there is for oil, dirt and debris to accumulate in your pores and cause acne,” Michelle warned.


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