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Why I fled accident scene – Timaya


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Singer Timaya has reacted to the recent hit and run allegation and his arrest.

Recall that KAFTANPOST earlier had reported about a lady on Instagram who claimed the singer had hit her sister who ended up at the hospital.

Few hours ago, Timaya was seen in a viral video accompanied by police officers.

The singer has however broken the silence, saying he was never arrested but was brought in for questioning and has since been released, adding that he had visited the lady at the hospital.

He said, “I was never arrested by the police. I was only invited for questioning at Maroko Police Station. From there, I went to the hospital to see the lady.”

A member of Timaya’s team, Tobi Olushola, who claimed to be present when the incident happened, has also narrated his side of the story.

He said, “We were in traffic on Ikate road. I think we scratched her car but we were unaware. We just saw her holding on to the vehicle’s side mirror.

“Timaya asked her what the problem was and she said we scratched her vehicle with ours. Timaya then asked for her phone number and her bank account details.

“But, she refused and asked him to transfer money right there. Bear in mind that we were in traffic and we did not want to delay other road users.

“Meanwhile, at that time, there were already about four men with her. We pleaded with her to let us leave the road and settle the matter amicably but she refused.

“After trying to convince her to send her relevant details to no avail, we started moving.

“However, she held onto the side mirror of the vehicle and in the process, she fell down and got injured.

“At that point, attention was already building up, and I had to get Timaya out of the scene because we could not predict the outcome of such a situation.

“I later went back to the scene with a policeman and two other people. We finally traced her to General Hospital, Lagos Island. We were with them all through and followed them to their house in the night.

“Meanwhile, he had earlier sent an emissary to her husband. The emissary had an extensive conversation with the husband and conveyed his heartfelt remorse and craved the husband’s understanding to give Timaya a chance to come and see him and do the ‘needful’.

“It was on this premise that Timaya visited the man’s home this morning, met with the man and explained what happened.

“But to his consternation, he was invited to the police station for questioning. He honoured this invitation and thereafter went to the hospital to see the lady but was told she had been discharged.

“It is not in Timaya’s nature to intentionally harm people or treat anyone arrogantly. This event was purely an accident and we will go to every length to ensure that the lady is well taken care of. The value of life and health is supreme to every other consideration.”

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