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Why I won’t attend father’s burial, actress Chioma Toplis reveals


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Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis, has stated that she would not attend her father’s funeral whenever he passes on.

Reacting to a tweet of a lady she reposted on her Instagram, the actress gave her reasons, stating that her father lived a disgraceful life because he frustrated her mother before she eventually left the house.

The lady’s tweet read, “My father was an elder in the church, a proper elder. That was at church. At home, he was a wife-beater. He once beat my mom with a wooden plank with nails, tore her arm too, with blood and all.

“He died nine years ago. I still haven’t cried. Thanks, everyone, she left him before he passed on. She’s thriving now.”

Chioma said her father is lazy, senseless and a woman-beater. According to her, her mother is living fine even after her separation instead of dying at the hands of her father.

She said her father should be thrown into a hole after his death because that’s what he deserves.

She said, “I thought we were the only ones that have a useless father. He is an elder in the church too. We are in the same boat; my mother left my father too for many reasons ranging from laziness, lousiness, cheating, senselessness, foolishness, beating; in fact, (he is) everything bad.

“Do you know what? She is the WINNER for leaving alive. I grew up wondering what the hell made my mother marry such an awful man.

“I won’t even attend his burial even if I am in Nigeria, talk more of crying. The most interesting part is none of my siblings will either, except my brother, the first son, just to fulfill the native and custom law.

“Yes, he will (definitely) die before us because he came to this world before us! His burial will be nothing to write home about. Just open the ground and throw him in at the corner of our house beside the garden. Oh yes, that is where he belongs. Of course, he knows this already.”

This is coming after the death of Osinachi Nwachukwu who died as a result of alleged beatings and maltreatment she received from her husband.

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