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Why I’m now selective with roles, actress Bimbo Ademoye reveals


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Nollywood actress, Bimbo Ademoye, has stated why she is so selective with roles now compared to when she debuted as an actress.

The AMVCA nominee revealed that she had been put in situations she had no choice but to comply with basically because she was new and had to make a name for herself.

Bimbo, as a guest on Meet and Greet by Inkblot Productions, said one must not venture into acting because she’s are pretty or with connections.

According to her, she declines certain roles irrespective of what the story is like.

Bimbo stated that she has to see herself as a character in the plot before she agrees with the role.

She said, “Make sure you know the craft (before joining the industry). Don’t just come in because you are pretty, have long hair or a good shape. I came in with my ‘bow legs’ (knock knees), saying, ‘This is me’.

“My dad has a lot of connections but for some reasons, he did not ‘know people’ in the movie industry. I came in all by myself knowing full well that this is what I want to do. Back then, I used to take any movie roles (that came my way). Now, I am quite selective.

“Someone once got offended because I said, ‘No’. I told the person it was a beautiful story but I did not see myself playing it, and she got offended.”

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