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Why Is Sports Betting And Casino Gambling On The Rise In Africa

African gambling market thrives regardless of the legal restrictions governments impose on operators. However, the general opinion is highly pro-gambling, as Africans are fond of casino games and sports betting. Here’s why?


Africa Is an Attractive Market

Given that Africa is the second most populated and second-largest continent, it’s not a surprise why gambling operators worldwide consider it a market worth investing in. However, it’s not only the overall number of people living here but the percentage of residents interested in sports betting and casino games that makes even governments think about gambling as a valuable source of revenue.

A growing gambling offer may seem attractive to players, but it is essential to be cautious when choosing where to register an account. Thus, before investing your time and money with a particular operator, determine whether you can trust it. Look for information such as experiences from previous or current members, look into sites that provide quality reviews, read the fine print, and overall inspect if the provider’s website is trustworthy.



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South Africa: The Largest Gambling Market on the Continent


Even though gambling regulations vary between countries, many have already created a welcoming environment for domestic and foreign operators, enabling their residents to enjoy their favorite gambling activities. Such is South Africa, the largest gambling market on the continent

As estimated, around 50% of adult South Africans place sports bets on an ongoing basis. Also, South Africa is among the three African countries with the highest GDP on the continent, which significantly contributes to the gross gambling revenue, estimated to reach 2.3 billion dollars by 2023.


South Africa, however, is not the only country fond of gambling. Kenia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda make a list of African countries which gamble the most.

Gambling Legality

For instance, sports betting, land-based casinos, and lottery are legal in Nigeria. On the other hand, roulette, non-skilled card games, and dice games are illegal, while slots are only permitted with licensed operators.


As for South Africa, gambling on websites outside the country has been forbidden since 2010. Operators that want to provide gambling services must obtain a license from one of the South African provinces’ betting boards. Horse racing and sports betting are legal if licensed.

The situation is slightly different in Kenya, where online gambling is legal. The Gaming Bill of 2019 regulates it. Unfortunately, many gambling companies avoid Kenya due to the high taxes imposed on foreign operators.

Accessibility on Different Levels

When we talk about gambling globally, not just in Africa, the first word most people will use to describe it is accessibility. We are no longer limited to land-based casino offers; today, we can play our favorite game wherever we are, any time.

The advances in technology and increased Internet use have made it possible. The situation is the same in Africa. More and more people can afford to purchase mobile phones (due to different smartphone price ranges, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune to own one). They use them to play their favorite casino games or bet on various sports events.


Worth noting: Purchasing power differs between African countries, and not all mobile users have the latest smartphone models. Some still use old versions of Android phones, 2g, and 3g networks. Therefore, companies that want to expand their business to a specific country must know this to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Sports Betting Is More Than Betting

Africans love sports.


Since football first came to the continent in the mid-19th century, Africans have loved playing, watching, and betting on it in the past couple of years. The most popular sports events are English, Spanish, and Italian leagues. Also, the bet preferences vary, but punters usually bet on match outcomes, goal numbers, and the best player of the game/league.

Aside from football, they also enjoy and gladly place bets on rugby, horse racing, cricket, tennis, hockey, basketball, boxing, and motorcycle racing. It is easy and fast; the only requirement is finding a reliable sportsbook.

Hard-to-Refuse Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Online casinos make it easy for those hesitant to enter the casino world, as they offer attractive incentives, especially to newcomers. These include different bonuses, such as a welcome and no-deposit bonus. Free spins are reserved for slot enthusiasts, while new sports bettors usually receive free bets.

Online gambling sites think about regular members too by offering them different promotions. Finally, to ensure a seamless experience, online gambling sites provide various withdrawal options and methods for making deposits.


When inexperienced, it’s hard to refuse an offer allowing you to try your luck and play your favorite game without investing your money and risking losing it.

Gambling is a source of entertainment but also income in Africa. After the pandemic, many people lost their jobs or were underpaid. Therefore, placing a couple of bets or playing casino games is a not-to-be-underrated earning possibility.



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